Results: World Athletics Championships Oregon 2022

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Results for the World Athletics Championships 2022 | Eugene, Oregon | July 15 to 24.


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*Schedule and results time US PT = GMT -7

Day 10 Sunday, Jul 24 Morning Session

Men35 Kilometres Race WalkFinalResults
Men110 Metres HurdlesDecathlonResults
MenDiscus ThrowDecathlonResults
MenPole VaultDecathlonResults

Day 10 Sunday, Jul 24 Afternoon Session

MenJavelin ThrowDecathlonResults
Women100 Metres HurdlesSemi-FinalResults
MenPole VaultFinalResults
WomenLong JumpFinalResults
Men5000 MetresFinalResults
Women800 MetresFinalResults
Women100 Metres HurdlesFinalResults
Men1500 MetresDecathlonResults
Men4x400 Metres RelayFinalResults
Women4x400 Metres RelayFinalResults

Day 9 Saturday, Jul 23 Morning Session

Men100 MetresDecathlonResults
MenLong JumpDecathlonResults
Women100 Metres HurdlesHeatsResults
WomenLong JumpQualificationResults
MenShot PutDecathlonResults


Day 9 Saturday, Jul 23 Afternoon Session

MenHigh JumpDecathlonResults
Women4x400 Metres RelayHeatsResults
Men4x400 Metres RelayHeatsResults
MenTriple JumpFinalResults
Men800 MetresFinalResults
Women5000 MetresFinalResults
MenJavelin ThrowFinalResults
Men400 MetresDecathlonResults
Women4x100 Metres RelayFinalResults
Men4x100 Metres RelayFinalResults

Day 8 Friday, Jul 22 Morning Session

Women35 Kilometres Race WalkFinalResult

Day 8 Friday, July 22 Afternoon Session

MenPole VaultQualificationResults
Women4x100 Metres RelayHeatsResults
Men4x100 Metres RelayHeatsResults
WomenJavelin ThrowFinalResults
Women800 MetresSemi-FinalResults
Women400 MetresFinalResults
Men400 MetresFinalResults
Women400 Metres HurdlesFinalResults

Day 7 Thursday, Jul 21 Afternoon Session

MenJavelin ThrowQualification - Group AResults
Women800 MetresHeatsResults
Men5000 MetresHeatsResults
MenTriple JumpQualificationResults
MenJavelin ThrowQualification - Group BResults
Men800 MetresSemi-FinalResults
Women200 MetresFinalResults
Men200 MetresFinalResults

Day 6 Wednesday, Jul 20 Afternoon Session

WomenJavelin ThrowQualification - Group AResults
Women5000 MetresHeatsResults
WomenJavelin ThrowQualification - Group BResults
Men800 MetresHeatsResults
Women400 Metres HurdlesSemi-FinalResults
WomenDiscus ThrowFinalResults
Women400 MetresSemi-FinalResults
Men400 MetresSemi-FinalResults
Women3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinalResults

Day 5 Tuesday, Jul 19 Afternoon Session

Women400 Metres HurdlesHeatsResults
WomenHigh JumpFinalResults
Women200 MetresSemi-FinalResults
MenDiscus ThrowFinalResults
Men200 MetresSemi-FinalResults
Men1500 MetresFinalResults
Men400 Metres HurdlesFinalResults

Day 4 Monday, Jul 18 Morning Session

WomenLong JumpHeptathlonResultsTotal
WomenJavelin ThrowHeptathlonResultsTotal

Day 4 Monday, Jul 18 Afternoon Session

Men200 MetresHeatsResults 
WomenDiscus ThrowQualification - Group AResults 
MenHigh JumpFinalResults 
Women200 MetresHeatsResults 
WomenTriple JumpFinalResults 
WomenDiscus ThrowQualification - Group BResults 
Women800 MetresHeptathlonResultsTotal
Men3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinalResults 
Women1500 MetresFinalResults 

Day 3 Sunday, Jul 17 Morning Session

Women100 Metres HurdlesHeptathlonResultsTotal
Men400 MetresHeatsResults 
WomenHigh JumpHeptathlonResultsTotal
WomenHammer ThrowFinalResults 
Women400 MetresHeatsResults 
Men10,000 MetresFinalResults 
WomenShot PutHeptathlonResultsTotal

Day 3 Sunday, Jul 17 Afternoon Session

Men110 Metres HurdlesSemi-FinalResults 
MenDiscus ThrowQualification - Group AResults 
WomenPole VaultFinalResults 
Women100 MetresSemi-FinalResults 
Men400 Metres HurdlesSemi-FinalResults 
MenShot PutFinalResults 
MenDiscus ThrowQualification - Group BResults 
Women200 MetresHeptathlonResultsTotal
Men1500 MetresSemi-FinalResults 
Men110 Metres HurdlesFinalResults 
Women100 MetresFinalResults 

DAY 2 Morning Session Jul 16

WomenTriple JumpQualificationResults
Women3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeatsResults
WomenHigh JumpQualificationResults
Men110 Metres HurdlesHeatsResults
MenHammer ThrowFinalResults
Women10,000 MetresFinalResults
Men400 Metres HurdlesHeatsResults

DAY 2 Afternoon Session Jul 16

Women100 MetresHeatsResults
Men100 MetresSemi-FinalResults
MenLong JumpFinalResults
WomenShot PutFinalResults
Men1500 MetresHeatsResults
Women1500 MetresSemi-FinalResults
Men100 MetresFinalResults

DAY 1 July 15 Morning

MenHammer ThrowQualification - Group AResults
MenHigh JumpQualificationResults
MenHammer ThrowQualification - Group BResults
Mixed4x400 Metres RelayHeatsResults
WomenHammer ThrowQualification - Group AResults
Men100 MetresPreliminary RoundResults
Women20 Kilometres Race WalkFinalResults
WomenHammer ThrowQualification - Group BResults
Men20 Kilometres Race WalkFinalResults

DAY 1 July 15 Afternoon Session

WomenShot PutQualificationResults
Men3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeatsResults
WomenPole VaultQualificationResults
MenLong JumpQualificationResults
Women1500 MetresHeatsResults
Men100 MetresHeatsResults
MenShot PutQualificationResults
Mixed4x400 Metres RelayFinalResults
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