5 Golf Games That You Shouldn’t Miss On Your Golf Holidays Portugal

Are you burnt out of exhaustion from your life? A golf holiday is a perfect way to unwind. The lush green golf courses and competing with other guests make the holiday awesome. Portugal houses some of the most stunning resorts and hotels with golf courses. These golf courses are famous worldwide for their layout. 

The hotels offer unique golf holiday packages. You get to meet golfers from around the world. Not only that, but Portugal also has the most beautiful climate. When you are ready to invest so much to relax, why play the same old game formats? This holiday, leave Stableford and stroke play behind and enjoy these 5 interesting games.

Let us have a look:

1. Bingo Bango Bonga: So you thought you can win the game by scoring a hole? Not this time! It is a point-based betting game. You need to bet on 54 points. The scores are based on performance. The first point goes to the player who gets on green first.

When all the balls are on the green, the player closest to the pin gets the second point. And the player scoring the hole first gets the third point. This way, points are calculated. In the end, the one with most points wins the game. Not the conventional golf game, but an interesting twist with betting. You will surely make some amazing friends while playing this.

2. Gruesome: If you love traditional pair matches, you will love gruesome. There are two teams of two players each. One team tees off. The other team then decides which ball to play. This goes on for alternate shots till you win the game.

3. Chairman: Another of the betting-golf games. In this format, the player with the lowest net score for each hole is deemed the chairman for the next hole. Now, only the chairman can win the hole. So, the player with most holes becomes the winner!

4. Cha-cha-cha: As funny as it sounds, this game is equally fun. This is a foursome game. A 3-hole rotation decides the team score. The first hole is called “cha”, the second hole is “cha-cha” and the third hole is “cha cha cha”.

You get to count the best ball on the first hole, 2 best balls on the second hole, and so on. So, you can be sure of making some friends and golfing buddies. Be sure to keep a track of the scores for fair play.

5. Ghost: This is also a foursome game with the ghost being the fourth player. Sounds quirky, eh! So, you need to pair one player with the ghost. The ghost pars every hole. It also gives shots if it is paired with the highest handicapper. Afterward, you play a normal 4BBB match.

Golfing holidays in Portugal can be the best way to unwind. With a serene atmosphere and state-of-art golf courses, you will surely love to play some shots. 360 golf holidays are one of the best in planning your next golf holidays in Portugal. 

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