How to stream your favourite TV channel with VPN

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Want to watch live sports or your favorite TV traveling, working or living outside of your home country? We tell you how below.

With Pure VPN you will be able to unlock hundreds of your favorite TV channels so you can watch live athletics World Athletics Champions, Diamond League, marathon races, football, soccer, basketball, and many other sports or your favorite TV Shows free from your home country.

Why Pure VPN?

Pure VPN is the best for speed, security, privacy and unblocking websites with the lowest price in the market. Pure VPN gives you access to more than 6500+ servers in 78+ countries and 96+ locations. With your Pure VPN account, you get easy to install and use native clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Chrome, Firefox and 20+ more devices.

Features that made 3 million + people choose Pure VPN over others

  • 10 Multi Logins - We support 10 multi-logins to make sure that your entire family remains protected.
  • 256bit AES Encryption - Your data is protected with the highest-grade AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Internet Kill switch - Ensure your privacy remains intact when VPN connection drops.
  • Dedicated IP - Have a personal IP just for yourself maximizing your security over the internet.
  • No-Log Policy - PureVPN does not and will never keep logs. What you do online should only stay with you.
  • 6500+ Servers - A network spanning across the globe optimized for unparallel performance.
  • Split Tunneling - Route your internet traffic between PureVPN and ISP Connection.
  • Port Forwarding - The Port-Forwarding add-on helps you access your device or a service from anywhere in the world securely.

If you are ready to get your Pure VPN account now here.

Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to live stream sports free with Pure VPN (Virtual Private Network).

First of all, to watch live sports and TV on the internet from anywhere you must sign up for a Pure VPN (the world's best VPN service) account.

Once you have signed up for a Pure VPN account, download and install Pure VPN on any of your favorite devices. You can simultaneously connect 5 different devices (PC, smartphone, smart TV, tablet, etc.) with one Pure VPN account.

Once you have installed the software on your device or devices, you will have to enter your Pure Pure VPN Member username and password that you received in your email during your sign-up.


Choose your live stream channels' country from the list.  For example, if you want to watch BBC, connect to UK (United Kingdom server) and open BBC iPayer or the page where the stream is located. Once you have selected your country click connect.

Or if you know the name of your channel, you can try to search for it on the most popular TV channels list.

Once you connect to a server you will be able to watch the TV channel online.

You can learn more about Pure VPN here or if you have more questions you can leave a comment below or contact live Pure VPN customer service which is available 24/7.

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