Results - Drake Relays 2024

Results, live timing and stat lists for the 2024 Drake Relays:

Event Date: April 24-27

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Meet program day 4 - Saturday, April 27

Girls' Shuttle Hurdles High School 1st Round8:10 AM
Boys' 4x110m Shuttle Hurdles High School 1st Round8:25 AM
Women's Distance Medley Iowa College Final8:40 AM
Men's Distance Medley Iowa College Final8:55 AM
Women's Distance Medley College Final9:10 AM
Men's Distance Medley College Final9:25 AM
Girls' 4x100 High School 1st Round9:40 AM
Boys' 4x100 High School 1st Round10:12 AM
Girls' 4x800 High School Final10:44 AM
Boys' 4x800 High School Final10:59 AM
Men's Hammer Throw Univ/Col Final10:00 AM
Men's Pole Vault Univ/Col Final10:00 AM
Women's Javelin Throw Univ/Col Final10:15 AM
Mixed High Jump Masters Final10:45 AM
Women's High Jump Univ/Col Final11:00 AM
Girls' Shuttle Hurdles High School Final11:57 AM
Women's Shuttle Hurdles Univ/Col Final12:02 PM
Boys' 4x110m Shuttle Hurdles High School Final12:17 PM
Men's 4x110m Shuttle Hurdles Univ/Col Final12:22 PM
Mixed 100m Paralympic Final12:37 PM
Women's Distance Medley University Final12:42 PM
Men's Distance Medley University Final12:56 PM
Women's 100m Paralympic Final1:10 PM
Men's 100m Paralympic Final1:10 PM
Girls' 400m Hurdles High School Final1:17 PM
Boys' 400m Hurdles High School Final1:24 PM
Women's 100m Univ/Col Final1:31 PM
Men's 100m Univ/Col Final1:43 PM
Women's 100m Hurdles Univ/Col Final1:51 PM
Men's 110m Hurdles Univ/Col Final1:58 PM
WACT Women's 800m Final2:05 PM
University Women's Sprint Medley Final2:12 PM
University Men's Sprint Medley Final2:25 PM
WACT Women's 400m Hurdles Final2:38 PM
WACT Men's 400m Hurdles Final2:44 PM
WACT Men's 1500m Final2:51 PM
WACT Men's 110m Hurdles Final3:03 PM
WACT Women's 100m Hurdles Final3:08 PM
University Women's 4x100 Final3:13 PM
University Men's 4x100 Final3:18 PM
WACT Women's 1500m Final3:23 PM
WACT Men's 800m Final3:33 PM
University Women's 4x400 Final3:40 PM
University Men's 4x400 Final3:47 PM
University Women's 4x400 Final4:00 PM
Men's 4x400 University Final4:07 PM
Women's 4x100 College Final4:14 PM
Men's 4x100 College Final4:19 PM
Girls' 4x100 High School Final4:24 PM
Boys' 4x100 High School Final4:29 PM
Girls' 1500m High School Final4:34 PM
Boys' 1600m High School Final4:42 PM
Women's 4x400 College Final4:50 PM
Men's 4x400 College Final4:57 PM
Girls' 4x400 High School Final5:04 PM
Boys' 4x400 High School Final5:11 PM
Men's Hammer Throw Univ/Col Champ Final12:15 PM
Women's Javelin Throw Univ/Col Champ Final12:30 PM
Men's Long Jump Univ/Col Final1:00 PM
Women's Shot Put WACT Final1:15 PM
Men's Pole Vault WACT Final1:30 PM
Women's Hammer Throw Univ/Col Final1:45 PM
Men's Javelin Throw Univ/Col Final1:50 PM
WACT Men's Shot Put Final2:30 PM
Univ/Col Champ Men's Long Jump Final3:00 PM
Univ/Col Champ Women's High Jump Final3:00 PM
Men's Long Jump Invitational Final2:05 PM
Univ/Col Champ Men's Pole Vault Final3:30 PM
Men's Javelin Throw Univ/Col Champ Final4:00 PM
Women's Hammer Throw Univ/Col Champ Final4:00 PM
Mixed Shot Put Masters Final4:05 PM
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