Trinidad and Tobago shocks United States with 4x400m win

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Men's 4x400m Final: Trinidad and Tobago defeated six time world champion the United States in a thrilling final at the World Athletics Championships on Sunday, August 10.

The champion in the men's 4x400m relay went down to the final leg.  Lalonde Gordon ran an incredible final leg to pass Fred Kerley on the on the home straight and to deliver Trinidad nd Tobago their first world title in 4x400m. Trinidad's time of 2:58.12 was the fastest this year.


1. Trinidad & Tobago
J.Solomon/J.Richards/M.Cedenio/L.Gordon 2:58.12

2. US
W.London/G.Roberts/M.Cherry/F.Kerley 2:58.61

3. Britain
M.Hudson-Smith/D.Cowan/R.Yousif/M.Rooney 2:59.00

4. Belgium
R.Vanderbemden/J.Borlee/D.Borlee/K.Borlee 3:00.04

5. Spain
O.Husillos/L.Bua/D.Echeverry/S.Garcia 3:00.65

6. Cuba
W.Collazo/A.Chacon/O.Pellicier/Y.Lescay 3:01.10

7. Poland
K.Duszynski/R.Omelko/L.Krawczuk/T.Zimny 3:01.59

8. France
L.Vaillant/T.Jordier/M.Hanne/T.Atine-Venel 3:01.79

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