UK Athletics Championships 2024 - Live Stream

Sun, June 30, 2024 at 08:15 (GMT)
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Live stream info results, schedule and start lists for the 2024 UK Athletics Champiosnhips:

The UK Athletics Championships, also known as the British Athletics Championships, is scheduled to take place in Birmingham on June 29-30.


The event will be broadcast live on BBC Sports Website and BBC iPlayer. You will need UK IP and BBC account to watch the stream live.

Schedule Saturday, June 29

Time Event
11:30Women400 m Hurdles
11:57WomenJavelin Throw
12:00Men400 m Hurdles
12:30Women100 m
13:17MenLong Jump
13:20Men100 m
14:22MenHigh Jump
14:25Men800 m
14:52MenDiscus Throw
14:55Women800 m
15:25Women100 m Hurdles
15:52WomenPole Vault
15:55Women400 m
16:22WomenTriple Jump
16:25Men400 m
16:55Para Women100 m Ambulant
17:02Women100 m
17:25Para Men100 m Ambulant
17:29WomenHammer Throw
17:32Men100 m
17:55MenShot Put
17:58Women100 m Hurdles
18:06Men1500 m
18:30Women1500 m
19:00Women3000 m Steeplechase
19:18Women5000 m
19:42Para Women100 m Ambulant
19:48Para Men100 m Ambulant
19:58Women100 m
20:08Men100 m

Schedule Sunday, June 30

Time Event
11:15Men5000 m Walk
11:15Men10000 m Walk
11:35MenJavelin Throw
12:10Women5000 m Walk
12:42MenTriple Jump
12:45Men110 m Hurdles
13:12WomenHigh Jump
13:15Women200 m
13:42WomenDiscus Throw
13:45Men200 m
14:12MenPole Vault
14:15Para Men1500 m Ambulant
14:24Para Women400 m Weelchair
14:31Men3000 m Steeplechase
14:42WomenLong Jump
14:45Men5000 m
15:10Men110 m Hurdles
15:20Women400 m Hurdles
15:30Men400 m Hurdles
15:41MenHammer Throw
15:45Men200 m
15:52WomenShot Put
15:55Women200 m
16:05Women400 m
16:15Women800 m
16:25Men400 m
16:35Men800 m
16:45Women1500 m
16:55Men1500 m
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