Event Schedule - Albie Thomas Mile 2024

Event schedule for the 2024 Albie Thomas Mile - World Athletics Continental Tour Challenger:

Event Date: Thursday, March 28

Location: The Crest Athletics Track in Georges Hall NSW, Australia

Track Events

6:00pm Men's 400m Hurdles - B Race
6:04pm Men's 400m Hurdles - A Race
6:12pm Women's 400m Hurdles - B Race
6:16pm Women's 400m Hurdles - A Race
6:25pm Men's 5,000m
6:50pm Women 3000m Steeplechase
7:10pm Men's Mile - G Race
7:18pm Men's Mile - F Race
7:26pm Men's Mile - E Race
7:34pm Men's Mile - D Race
7:42pm Women's Mile - C Race
7:50pm Men's Mile - C Race
7:58pm Women's Mile - B Race
8:06pm Men's Mile - B Race
8:14pm Men's 800m - I Race
8:20pm Men's 800m - H Race
8:26pm Men's 800m - G Race
8:32pm Men's 800m - F Race
8:38pm Women's 800m E Race
8:44pm Men's 800m - E Race
8:50pm Women's 800m D Race
8:56pm Men's 800m - D Race
9:02pm Women's 800m C Race
9:08pm Men's 800m - C Race
9:14pm Women's 800m B Race
9:20pm Men's 800m - B Race
9:30pm Women's Mile - A Race
9:40pm Men's 800m - A Race
9:50pm Women's 800m A Race
10:00pm Albie Thomas Mile

Field Events

6:30pm Mixed Pole Vault - Pool B
8:30pm Mixed Pole Vault - Pool A

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