Results: Atlantic 10 Outdoor Championships 2023

Results for the 2023 Atlantic 10 Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Event Date: Saturday, May 6 to Sunday, May 7

Location: UMass Track & Field Complex in Amherst, Mass.

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DayStartSaturday Running EventsRndStart ListResult
Saturday8:45 AMWomen 10000 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday9:30 AMMen 10000 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:00 PMWomen 100 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday2:15 PMMen 110 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday2:30 PMWomen 400 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday2:45 PMMen 400 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMWomen 100 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday3:15 PMMen 100 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday3:30 PMWomen 800 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday3:45 PMMen 800 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday4:00 PMWomen 400 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday4:15 PMMen 400 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday4:30 PMWomen 200 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday4:45 PMMen 200 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday5:05 PMWomen 3000 M SteepleFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday5:30 PMMen 3000 M SteepleFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartSaturday Field EventsRndStart ListResult
Saturday10:30 AMWomen HammerFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:30 PMWomen Pole VaultFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:45 PMMen HammerFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday1:00 PMMen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:00 PMWomen High JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:15 PMWomen JavelinFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMMen Pole VaultFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMWomen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:45 PMMen JavelinFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:45 PMMen High JumpFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartSunday Running EventsRndStart ListResult
Sunday11:00 AMWomen 4x100 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday11:10 AMMen 4x100 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday11:20 AMWomen 1500 MFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday11:35 AMMen 1500 MFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday11:45 AMWomen 100 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Sunday12:00 PMMen 110 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Sunday12:10 PMWomen 400 MFinalStart ListResult
Sunday12:20 PMMen 400 MFinalStart ListResult
Sunday12:30 PMWomen 100 MFinalStart ListResult
Sunday12:35 PMMen 100 MFinalStart ListResult
Sunday12:45 PMWomen 800 MFinalStart ListResult
Sunday12:50 PMMen 800 MFinalStart ListResult
Sunday1:00 PMWomen 400 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Sunday1:10 PMMen 400 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Sunday1:20 PMWomen 200 MFinalStart ListResult
Sunday1:25 PMMen 200 MFinalStart ListResult
Sunday1:35 PMWomen 5000 MFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday2:00 PMMen 5000 MFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday2:25 PMWomen 4x800 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday2:40 PMMen 4x800 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday2:55 PMWomen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday3:10 PMMen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartSunday Field EventsRndStart ListResult
Sunday10:30 AMMen DiscusFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday10:30 AMWomen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday10:30 AMWomen Triple JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday1:00 PMMen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday1:00 PMWomen DiscusFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday1:00 PMMen Triple JumpFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartWomen's HeptathlonRndStart ListResult
Saturday10:15 AMHeptathlon 100 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday10:45 AMHeptathlon High JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:15 PMHeptathlon Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday1:20 PMHeptathlon 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday10:15 AMHeptathlon Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday11:15 AMHeptathlon JavelinFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday12:15 PMHeptathlon 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
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DayStartMen's DecathlonRndStart ListResult
Saturday10:30 AMDecathlon 100 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday11:05 AMDecathlon Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:05 PMDecathlon Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday1:05 PMDecathlon High JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:35 PMDecathlon 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday9:15 AMDecathlon 110 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday9:40 AMDecathlon DiscusFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday11:00 AMDecathlon Pole VaultFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday1:00 PMDecathlon JavelinFinalsStart ListResult
Sunday2:15 PMDecathlon 1500 MFinalsStart ListResult
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