Czech Indoor Gala 2023 Event Schedule

Event schedule for the 2023 Czech Indoor Gala, a World Athletics Indoor Tour Silver level meeting.

Event Date: Wednesday, January 2

Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic

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National Programme

14:00Pole Vault MLong Jump W
14:3060 m W 
14:4560 m M 
15:0560 m H W60 m H U20
15:1260 m H U18 
15:1960 m H U18 
15:2660 m H U18 
15:35800 m W 
15:42800 m M 
15:55200 m W 
16:10200 m M 
16:254x200 m U20 
16:304x200 m U20 
16:3560 m U18 
16:4060 m U18 

International programmer

16:20Pole Vault W
16:27Triple Jump W
16:47Opening Ceremony
17:0760 m M
17:0660 m M
17:12800 m M
17:1860 m H W
17:2460 m H W
17:301 500 m W
17:3760 m H M
17:4360 m H M
17:50Long Jump M
17:5260 m M
17:58400 m M
18:05400 m M
18:1260 m H W
18:18400 m W
18:25400 m W
18:3260 m H M
18:38200 m M
18:44200 m M
18:50Mile M
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