Results: Johnny Loaring Classic 2022

Johnny Loaring Classic 2022, a World Athletics Continental Tour Challenger.

The meeting takes place at the University of Windsor’s Alumni Stadium on Saturday, May 21.

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Elite Races Track Events
Start ETEventRoundStart List
3:15pmWomen 100 Meter HurdlesSemiStart List/Results
3:30pmMen 110 Meter HurdlesSemiStart List/Results
3:40pmWomen 100 MeterSemiStart List/Results
3:50pmMen 100 MeterSemiStart List/Results
6:10pmWomen 100 Meter HurdlesFinalStart List/Results
6:15pmMen 110 Meter HurdlesFinalStart List/Results
6:25pmWomen 100 MeterFinalStart List/Results
6:35pmMen 100 MeterFinalStart List/Results
6:45pmWomen 400 MeterFinalStart List/Results
6:55pmMen 400 MeterFinalStart List/Results
7:10pmWomen 400 Meter HurdlesFinalStart List/Results
7:20pmMen 400 Meter HurdlesFinalStart List/Results
7:30pmWomen 800 MeterFinalStart List/Results
7:40pmMen 800 MeterFinalStart List/Results
8:00pmWomen 200 MeterFinalStart List/Results
8:10pmMen 200 MeterFinalStart List/Results
8:25pmWomen 1500 MeterFinalStart List/Results
8:35pmMen 1500 MeterFinalStart List/Results
Saturday Field Events
Start ETEventRoundStart List
12:00pmWomen Seated DiscusFinalStart List/Results
12:00pmWomen Seated DiscusFinalStart List/Results
2:00pmWomen Seated Shot PutFinalStart List/Results
2:00pmMen Seated Shot PutFinalStart List/Results
5:00pmWomen Pole VaultFinalStart List/Results
5:00pmWomen Long JumpFinalStart List/Results
5:00pmWomen DiscusFinalStart List/Results
5:00pmMen Shot PutFinalStart List/Results
6:15pmMen DiscusFinalStart List/Results
6:15pmMens Long JumpFinalStart List/Results
7:00pmMen Pole VaultFinalStart List/Results
7:30pmWomen Triple JumpFinalStart List/Results
7:30pmWomen Shot PutFinalStart List/Results
7:30pmMen High JumpFinalStart List/Results


Saturday Track
Start ETEventRoundStart List
12:15pmMen 800 MeterFinalsStart List/Results
12:30pmWomen 100 Meter Hurdles U18FinalsStart List/Results
12:30pmWomen 100 Meter Hurdles U20FinalsStart List/Results
12:45pmMen 110 Meter Hurdles U20FinalsStart List/Results
12:45pmMen 110 Meter Hurdles OpenFinalsStart List/Results
1:00pmWomen 100 MeterFinalsStart List/Results
1:15pmMen 100 MeterFinalsStart List/Results
1:30pmWomen 400 MeterFinalStart List/Results
1:45pmMen 400 MeterFinalStart List/Results
2:00pmWomen 1500 MeterFinalStart List/Results
2:10pmMen 1500 MeterFinalStart List/Results
2:20pmWomen 200 MeterFinalStart List/Results
2:20pmMen 200 MeterFinalStart List/Results
Saturday Field
Start ETEventRoundStart List
12:00pmWomen JavelinFinalStart List/Results
1:00pmWomen Long JumpFinalStart List/Results
1:00pmMen Long JumpFinalStart List/Results
1:30pmMen JavelinFinalStart List/Results
2:30pmMen Triple JumpFinalStart List/Results
2:30pmWomen High JumpFinalStart List/Results
3:00pmWomen HammerFinalStart List/Results
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