Vienna City Marathon Course Map

The Vienna City Marathon course offers runners a picturesque journey through many of Vienna's historical and scenic landmarks. The race starts near the United Nations building and is initiated to the tunes of the Blue Danube waltz. From there, participants cross the Danube River, which sets a dramatic backdrop for the early stages of the race.

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Runners then make their way through several key areas of the city, including:

Prater: The route takes runners through the Prater park, home to the iconic Riesenrad Ferris wheel and lush green expanses, providing a flat and fast section conducive to strong early race paces.

Donaukanal: This stretch along the canal offers scenic views and a slight respite from the urban environment, allowing runners to enjoy quieter moments.

Ring Boulevard: Participants run around Vienna's famous Ringstrasse, encircling the historic city center. This area is lined with grand buildings, museums, and theaters, offering a tour of Vienna's imperial history without the need for a bus.

Schönbrunn Palace: As a highlight for many, the course leads towards Schönbrunn Palace, a massive baroque complex with gardens that present a magnificent sight, adding a regal flair to the marathon experience.

Finish at Rathausplatz: The marathon concludes at Rathausplatz, in front of Vienna's grand City Hall, where a festive atmosphere and enthusiastic spectators typically welcome the runners.

Throughout the course, participants and spectators alike enjoy musical and entertaining elements, making it not only a competitive event but also a celebration of Vienna's cultural heritage​.

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