Doing Sports During a Pandemic: Get Fit Anytime

The recent global pandemic, Coronavirus, has been spreading like wildfire. Forcing people into quarantined wherever it spreads, the virus has halted everybody’s day-to-day activities and scheduled events, too. From local and regional tournaments to international leagues, sports boards have canceled plenty of ongoing and upcoming events. Though that’s a part of public safety, a complete shutdown of all sports and other safe exercises isn’t necessary.


Many anticipated events, such as the Olympics 2020, haven't been called off yet. Public health officials in Japan and other countries are in favor of upholding hygiene guidelines for the wellbeing of the audience. If they aren’t so pessimistic about this unforeseen pandemic, why should you quit your routine workout?

Follow these useful tips to continue sports during a pandemic without any fear!

Join a Trustworthy Gym

A lot of gyms are closing down amidst fears of the rapid spreading of the COVID19. If this has affected your daily workout, you can find another gym with better hygiene and maintenance.

For instance, Planet Fitness is one of those gym chains that have more than 2000 worldwide locations. Planet Fitness rules are also pretty strict and have an elaborate hygiene protocol. There are no restrictions on time, either, so you can work out whenever you like.

Keep a Record of Your Health

Even if you’re a young, healthy person with no record of deadly illnesses, you can catch the virus. It’s better to get a lab test done just for the sake of knowing your health status. If you don’t have much idea of what is a lab report, find someone to help you out.

Get a friend who knows how to write a lab report and ask them to help you study your report. If that isn’t possible, find an online lab report writing service! At reports-writing-service, people who know lab report writing will even help you out with your questions and concerns. Professional writing service will help you to write any paper.

Working Out From Home

If your city is locked down or you've self-quarantined, you can work out at home, too! Pull up your old treadmill and gym gear and set up a routine. Being constantly at home, you have a lot of free time at hand.

You can work out as much as you want without any gym fee as well! If you’re new to workouts, you can search online for live gym sessions, or go to YouTube for some inspiration. However, try not to spend too much on buying new equipment. Find whatever’s available in your home and use it for your workout.

Minimize Contact

If you haven’t quarantined yourself yet, at least try to socially distance yourself from people. When you go to the gym, make sure that the cleaners have disinfected all surfaces properly. Most gyms have spaced out their equipment in order to maintain a safe distance between all users.

Avoid shaking hands, sharing towels or water bottles with others because the virus can spread easily through human contact. Even with your gloves on, avoid touching your face at all. Keep a hand sanitizer in your gym bag whenever you head to the gym.

Wear proper gym clothes, too. Though sleeveless and shorts are ideal for workouts at the gym, they won’t help in keeping the virus at bay. This is because germs often thrive on warm and humid bodies, and more skin exposure would also mean more germs. Wear light material with light colors but cover your arms and legs completely to avoid any direct exposure.

Maintain Your Own Hygiene

After returning from your Pure Gym fitness classes, head straight to the restroom. Wash your hands using soap and water for roughly 20-30 seconds. Wash your face, clean your nose, and take a shower if necessary. Just make sure you keep yourself thoroughly clean in order to keep the virus away.

If you’re working out at home, don’t allow any outsiders to touch your equipment. If you’ve left the house for some reason, wash your hands the first thing as soon as you return. Don’t bring the SARS-CoV in your house or near your gym equipment.

Disinfect your machines, too. Whether it’s your set of dumbbells, bicycles, ropes, or treadmill, keep everything hygienic. Use a high-grade disinfectant and wipe the floor regularly. After you're done cleaning, clean the washcloth using antibacterial soap.

Working Out Outside

If your neighborhood isn’t too populated, you may try jogging outside. Just be sure to keep a safe distance between you and any passersby. Since there are hardly any polluting vehicles out on the roads, the air these days is pretty clean. The jog will be good for your health and is an easy way to work out.

If you’re playing with others, try sports with little human contact. Tennis, cricket, and baseball are some sports that have minimum human contact.

Take Care of Your Immune System

When you’re working out, you lose a lot of energy. If you don’t consume a healthy diet, the virus won’t spare you and will affect you quite easily. One of the most important ways is to consume a healthy amount of Vitamin C.

Eat a colorful diet. Include different types of berries, citrus fruits like kiwi, lemon, guava, vegetables, nuts, and roots in your daily meals. Consume smoothies, drink milk, and lots of water. You may also try vitamin C tablets to boost your immune system instantly. A strong immune system without any deficiencies will help in fighting the virus and will also provide strength for regular workouts.


Pandemics are a nightmare for all of us, but they shouldn't interfere with your workout. A healthy diet, low social contacts, and proper hygiene are the key to your safe gym workout!

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