• Schedule: 2019 USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships

Schedule: 2019 USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships Des Moines, Iowa July 25-28

Time CT GMT+5

Time (CT) Event Division Round
2:45 PM 100m Men Decathlon
3:30 PM Long Jump Men Decathlon
4:30 PM Shot Put Men Decathlon
4:40 PM 100m Women First Round
5:05 PM 100m Men First Round
5:30 PM 1,500m Women First Round
5:30 PM Discus Throw Men Final
5:45 PM High Jump Men Decathlon
5:57 PM 400m Hurdles Men First Round
6:00 PM Javelin Throw  Women Final
6:22 PM 800m Women First Round
6:30 PM Triple Jump Women Final
6:47 PM 800m Men First Round
7:12 PM 400m Women First Round
7:37 PM 400m Men First Round
8:02 PM 400m Men Decathlon
8:21 PM 3,000m Steeple Men First Round
8:50 PM 10,000m Women Final
9:29 PM 10,000m Men Final
End of Day 1

Time (CT) Event Division Round
12:30 PM 110m Hurdles Men Decathlon
1:30 PM Discus Throw Men Decathlon
3:15 PM Pole Vault Men Decathlon
4:00 PM Hammer Throw Men Final
4:05 PM 100m Hurdles Women First Round
4:30 PM 1,500m Men First Round
4:45 PM Javelin Throw "A" Men Decathlon
4:57 PM 3,000m Steeple Women First Round
5:25 PM 400m Hurdles Women First Round
5:30 PM Triple Jump Men Final
5:40 PM Javelin Throw "B" Men Decathlon
5:48 PM 100m  Women Semifinal
6:02 PM 100m  Men Semifinal
6:10 PM Chocolate Milk Shot Put Men Final
6:18 PM 800m Women Semifinal
6:32 PM 800m Men Semifinal
6:46 PM 1,500m Men Decathlon
6:56 PM 400m Women Semifinal
7:14 PM 400m Men Semifinal
7:28 PM 400m Hurdles Men Semifinal
7:44 PM Michelob Ultra 100m Women Final
7:53 PM Nike 100m Men Final
End of Day 2

Time (CT) Event Division Round
11:30 AM 100m Hurdles Women Heptathlon
12:20 PM High Jump Women Heptathlon
12:30 PM Hammer Throw Women Final
1:15 PM Masters 50+ 200m Women Exhibition
1:23 PM Masters 50+ 200m Men Exhibition
1:33 PM 200m Women First Round
1:58 PM 200m Men First Round
2:00 PM Pole Vault Men Final
2:15 PM Shot Put Women Heptathlon
2:20 PM Javelin Throw Men Final
2:23 PM 110m Hurdles Men First Round
2:40 PM High Jump Women Final
2:48 PM National Anthem   Ceremony
2:52 PM Legend Coach Award   Ceremony
3:00 PM Long Jump Women Final
3:04 PM 100m Hurdles Women Semifinal
3:19 PM 200m Women Heptathlon
3:42 PM Nike 1,500m Women Final
3:54 PM Michelob Ultra 3,000m Steeple Men Final
4:09 PM 400m Hurdles Women Semifinal
4:25 PM Chocolate Milk 400m Hurdles Men Final
4:34 PM Xfinity 400m Women Final
4:43 PM Toyota 400m Men Final
4:52 PM 100m Hurdles Women Final
End of Day 3

Time (CT) Event Division Round
7:00 AM 10,000m Race Walk Men Final
7:50 AM 10,000m Race Walk Women Final
3:00 PM Long Jump Women Heptathlon
3:00 PM Discus Throw Women Final
4:05 PM Javelin Throw Women Heptathlon
4:35 PM High Jump Men Final
5:00 PM 200m Men Semifinal
5:10 PM Pole Vault Women Final
5:14 PM 200m Women Semifinal
5:28 PM 110m Hurdles Men Semifinal
5:42 PM 800m Women Heptathlon
6:00 PM Long Jump Men Final
6:02 PM Michelob Ultra 800m Men Final
6:09 PM Nike 3,000m Steeple Women Final
6:20 PM Shot Put Women Final
6:23 PM Toyota 5,000m Men Final
6:42 PM Chocolate Milk 5,000m Women Final
7:04 PM 400m Hurdles Women Final
7:12 PM Toyota 800m Women Final
7:20 PM 110m Hurdles Men Final
7:33 PM Chocolate Milk 1,500m Men Final
7:43 PM Nike 200m Women Final
7:51 PM Xfinity 200m Men Final
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