• Schedule: USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships 2017

Schedule: USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships 2017: Sacramento, California June 22-25

Schedule Times US Pacific
Day One -- Thursday, June 22nd

10:00 AM	 100m Hurdles	 Jr Women Heptathlon
10:20 AM	 100m	 	 Jr Men Decathlon
10:30 AM	 Discus Throw	 Jr Women Final
11:00 AM	 High Jump 	 Jr Women Heptathlon
11:10 AM	 Long Jump	 Jr Men Decathlon
11:45 AM	 100m 		 Men Decathlon
12:10 PM	 Shot Put	 Jr Men Decathlon
12:30 PM	 Javelin Throw	 Jr Men Final
12:30 PM	 Long Jump 	 Men Decathlon
1:00 PM	 	 Shot Put	 Jr Women Heptathlon
1:15 PM		 High Jump	 Jr  Men Decathlon
1:30 PM		 Shot Put 	 Men Decathlon
1:45 PM	 	 Hammer Throw 	 Men Final
2:00 PM		 200m		 Jr Women Heptathlon

2:45 PM		 High Jump 	Men Decathlon
5:00 PM		 Javelin Throw	Women Final
5:00 PM		 800m		Men First Round
5:25 PM		 800m		Women First Round
5:50 PM		 400m		Jr Men Decathlon
6:10 PM		 100m		Women First Round
6:20 PM		 Triple Jump 	Women Final
6:35 PM		 100m 		Men First Round
6:50 PM		 Discus Throw	Women Final
7:00 PM		 400m		Men Decathlon
7:20 PM		 400m		Women First Round
7:46 PM		 400m 		Men First Round
8:13 PM		 3000m Steeple 	Women First Round
8:44 PM		 1500m 		Men First Round
9:05 PM	 	 1500m 		Women First Round
9:27 PM		 10,000m 	Women Final
10:09 PM	 10,000m 	Men Final

Day Two -- Friday, June 23rd

12:55pm		110m hurdles	men	decathlon
1:40pm		discus throw	men	decathlon
3:25pm		pole vault	men	decathlon
4:42pm	national anthem	ceremony	
4:50pm		100m hurdles	women	1st round
5:00pm		javelin "b"	men	decathlon
5:16pm		100m 		women	semi's
5:31pm		100m 		men	semi's
5:40pm		high jump	women	final
5:45pm		3000m steeple	men	1st round
6:00pm		triple jump	men	final
6:00pm		javelin  "a"	men	decathlon
6:15pm		400m hurdles	women	1st round
6:40pm		400m hurdles	men	1st round
7:06pm		1500m		men	decathlon
7:16pm		400m		women	semi's
7:34pm		400m		men	semi's
7:52pm		100mn 		Women's final
8:02pm		Nike Men's 100m	men	final
8:11pm		800m		men	semi's
8:28pm		800m		women	semi's
8:46pm		5000m		women	final
9:10pm		Men's 5,000m	men	final

Day Three -- Saturday, June 24th

10:45am		100m hurdles	women	heptathlon
11:10am	national anthem	ceremony	
11:20am		110m hurdles	men	1st round
11:30am		javelin throw	men	final
11:48am		200m		men	1st round
12:00n		pole vault	men	final
12:00n		high jump	women	heptathlon
12:15pm		200m		women	1st round
12:30pm		shot put	women	final
12:40pm		discus throw	men	final
12:45pm		long jump	women	final
12:50pm		Legend Coach Award	ceremony	
1:05pm		100m hurdles	women	semi's
1:22pm		400m		women	final
1:31pm		Nike Men's 400m	men	final
1:39pm		400m hurdles	women	semi's
1:55pm		400m hurdles	men	semi's
2:00pm		shot put	women	heptathlon
2:12pm		1,500m		women	final
2:24pm	 	3,000m St	women	final
2:41pm		1,500m		men	final
2:54pm		100m hurdles	women	final
3:04pm		200m		women	heptathlon

Day Four -- Sunday, June 25th

6:45am		20km race walk	men	final
6:46am		20km race walk	women	final
11:00am		long jump	women	heptathlon
11:15am		hammer throw	women	final
11:45am		national anthem	ceremony	
11:55am		shot put	men	final
12:00n		javelin throw	women	heptathlon
12:00n		200m		men	semi's
12:00n		pole vault	women	final
12:05pm		high jump	men	final
12:10pm		long jump	men	final
12:20pm		200m		women	semi's
12:38pm		400m mstrs 	women	exhibition
12:48pm		400m mstrs 	men	exhibition
1:04pm		110m hurdles	men	semi's
1:20pm		800m		men	final
1:28pm		800m		women	heptathlon
1:46pm		400m hurdles	women	final
1:56pm		400m hurdles	men	final
2:06pm		800m		women	final
2:16pm		3,000m Steeple	men	final
2:33pm		200m		men	final
2:43pm		200m		women	final
2:53pm		110m hurdles	men	final
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