12 Russian Athletes Suspended for Doping

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The Russian Anti Doping Agency (RUSADA) have suspended 12 of their country's athletes from 7 different sports including 3 athletes from track and field for using doping announced (RUSADA) on Tuesday.

All three track and field athletes  Evgeniya Ustavschikova , Svetlana Komarova and Alexandra Gnezdilova were tested positive at the Russian Championships for using prohibited substances. (RUSADA) suspended all the athletes from competitions until the Russian Doping investigation officers have more information.

The other sports include one kick-boxer, three shooters, two weightlifters, a kayak racer, a wrestler and a power-lifter were also named as having failed drug tests.

None of the athletes have been medalists in any major championships, but it leaves another black stain on the Russian sports especially just weeks before Sochi Olympics.

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