Olympic and World Championships Medallits to compete at the New York Fifth Avenu Mile

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More than a dozen Olympians and World Championships participants will line up on Sunday (22) to compete at Worlds one of the most famous mile road races "the Fifth Avenue Mile" Presented by Nissan. 
Nick Symmonds, the World silver medallist and Olympic and World championships medallist, Bernard Lagat, will headline men's field while Jenny Simpson who won Worlds silver in Moscow last month will headline women’s race. Other high profile athletes such us, Leo Manzano London Olympics silver medallist, Evan Jager, Shannon Rowbury, and Morgan Uceny are also among participants.

Elite athletes Start Lists

Elite Men
Mile Personal Best
Bernard Lagat
3:47.28, Rome, 2001
Leo Manzano
3:50.64, London, 2010
Nick Willis
3:50.66, Eugene, 2008
Lopez Lomong
3:51.21(i), New York, 2013
David Torrence
3:52.01, Eugene, 2012
Ryan Gregson
3:52.24, London, 2010
Garrett Heath
3:53.15, London, 2013
Ben Blankenship
3:54.10, Eugene, 2010
Collis Birmingham
3:54.30, London, 2009
Evan Jager
3:54.35, Eugene, 2009
Pablo Soloares
3:54.52(i), Boston, 2009
Ryan Hill
3:54.89(i), New York, 2013
Will Leer
3:55.66(i), Boston, 2010
Craig Miller
3:56.41, Walnut, CA, 2012
Nick Symmonds
3:56.72(i), Seattle, 2007
Matt Elliott
3:57.16, Nashville, 2013
Daniel Huling
3:58.24(i), Seattle, 2012
Brett Robinson
4:02.46, Dublin, 2011
Ben St. Lawrence
Elite Women
Mile Personal Best
Shannon Rowbury
4:20.34, Rieti, 2008
Jenny Simpson
4:25.91(i), College Sta, TX, 2009
Gabriele Anderson
4:27.94, Falmouth, 2012
Chelsea Reilly
4:30.18, Falmouth, 2012
Hannah England
4:30.29, Gent, 2009
Nicole Schappert
4:30.65, Dublin, 2012
Zoe Buckman
4:30.86, Dublin, 2012
Susan Kuijken
4:34.11(i), Blacksburg, VA 2009
Sara Vaughn
4:34.29, Falmouth, MA, 2011
Katie Mackey
4:34.98(i), Seattle, 2010
Heather Kampf
4:37.13(i), Ames, IA, 2013
Morgan Uceny
4:38.87(i), South Bend, IN, 2008
Violah Lagat
4:39.42(i), Boston, 2013
Eilish McColgan
4:43(r), Newcastle, 2012
Margherita Magnani

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