Holzdeppe Denies Lavillenie to Add Another Title

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Men's pole vault final saw the same medal winners as in the Londin Olympic Games, but this time the order was different.

German pole vaulter, Raphael Holzdeppe, dominated the event by winning the World Championship gold medal leaving the favorite Renaud Lavillenie's of France in second place.

After both athletes clearing 5.89m, Holzdeppe with 1st attempt and Lavillenie only with third, the competition moved to 5.96m hight. As both rivals missed to clear the bar in all three attempts, happy Holzdeppe ripped off his singlet and ran to the crowd to find his coach. Lavillenie left frozen on the mat. Holzdeppe was credited with victory with 5.89m mark on countback from Lavillenie.

Another German, Bjorn Otto, who won the silver at London Olympics took third place with 5.82m performance.At age of 35, Otto became the oldest pole vaulter in history to win a medal at any major championships. Legendary Sergey Bubka took gold back in 1997 at the age of 33.

Results Men Pole Vault Final|

1 Raphael Holzdeppe
  5.65/1 5.82/1 5.89/1 5.96/XXX
2 Renaud Lavillenie
  5.65/2 5.82/2 5.89/3 5.96/XXX
3 Björn Otto
  5.50/1 5.65/1 5.75/2 5.82/1 5.89/XXX
4 Brad Walker
  5.65/2 5.75/2 5.82/1 5.89/XXX
5 Malte Mohr
  5.50/1 5.65/1 5.75/2 5.82/3 5.89/XXX
6 Seito Yamamoto
  5.50/1 5.65/3 5.75/3 5.82/XXX
7 Jan Kudlička
  5.50/3 5.65/2 5.75/3 5.82/XXX
8 Sergey Kucheryanu
  5.50/1 5.65/1 5.75/XXX
9 Alhaji Jeng
  5.50/2 5.65/1 5.75/XXX
10 Konstadínos Filippídis
  5.50/1 5.65/2 5.75/XXX
11 Augusto Dutra de Oliveira
  5.50/3 5.65/3 5.75/XXX
12 Xue Changrui 
  5.50/2 5.65/XXX

Valentin Lavillenie



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