Gebreselama and Fisher Highlight The TEN Sound Running with Record Breaking Performances

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At the prestigious The TEN, a World Athletics Continental Tour Silver event held in San Juan Capistrano, California on Saturday (16), athletes from around the world gathered with aspirations of achieving the Olympic standards for Paris, set at 27:00.00 for men and 30:40.00 for women. This event not only served as a stage for athletic prowess but also made history, particularly in the women’s 10,000m race where Tsigie Gebreselama of Ethiopia shattered records and barriers alike.

Tsigie Gebreselama, a world cross country silver medallist, captured the women’s title with a groundbreaking performance of 29:48.34, engraving her name ninth on the world all-time list and becoming the first woman to break the 30-minute mark for the 10,000m on US soil. This achievement came on the heels of her personal best in the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon, showcasing her incredible form and versatility as an athlete. The race unfolded with Gebreselama initially shadowing USA’s Alicia Monson, before taking the lead as Monson struggled, eventually leading to her withdrawal from the race. The pursuit for the Olympic standard saw commendable efforts from USA’s Weini Kelati, Australia’s Lauren Ryan, who set a new national record, and Britain’s Megan Keith, marking a successful debut in the 10,000m.

In the men’s category, the event was highlighted by one of the deepest fields in history, culminating in a thrilling finish by American Grant Fisher. Fisher, holding the North American record, surged ahead in the final stages to claim victory in 26:52.04. His performance underscored the depth of talent, as eight men finished under the 27:00.00 Olympic standard, making it one of the most competitive races outside the 2011 Pre Classic. Fisher’s victory, marked by a final lap sprint, was a strategic masterclass, positioning him as a strong contender for the Paris Olympics.

Nico Young, a rising star from Northern Arizona University, continued his impressive season by setting a new NCAA record and becoming the first collegian to dip under 27:00.00, showcasing the bright future of American long-distance running. The men’s race also saw national records and personal bests, underscoring the event's significance in the road to Paris.


1Tsigie Gebreselama - On Running29:48.34
2Weini Kelati - Under Armour Dark Sky Distance30:33.82
3Lauren Ryan - Under Armour Baltimore Distanc30:35.66
4Megan Keith - New Balance30:36.84
5Rachel Smith - Hoka31:04.02
6Karissa Schweizer - Nike Bowerman Track Club31:04.80
7Keira D'Amato - Nike31:05.31
8Elly Henes - Adidas31:07.23
9Mercy Chelangat - Hoka NAZ Elite31:15.39
10Emily Lipari-  Adidas31:19.72
11Laura Galvan - Hoka31:26.80
12Everlyn Kemboi - Brothers Athletics Management31:28.18
13Erika Kemp - Brooks31:28.69
14Sara Hall - Asics31:32.52
15Florencia Borelli - Argentina31:33.07
16Holly Campbell - Australia31:44.67
17WuGa He - Sichuan CN31:55.18
18Amy-Eloise Neale - On Running31:56.01
19Katie Camarena - Tinman Elite32:00.20
20Parul Chaudhary - India / Nike32:02.08
21Annie Rodenfels- BAA32:33.73
22Dani Polerecky - McKirdy Trained32:42.90
23Mikuni YADA - Edion32:49.62
DNFAbbe Goldstein - PACER 
DNFMakenna Myler - Asics 
DNFKatrina Coogan - New Balance 
DNFMiriam Dattke - Adidas 
DNFEmily Infeld - Nike 
DNFTaylor Werner - PACER 
DNFTaryn Rawlings - PACER 
DNFJessica Warner-Judd H- oka 
DNFAlicia Monson - On Athletics Club 


1Grant Fisher - Nike26:52.04
2Nico Young - Northern Arizona University26:52.72
3Andreas Almgren - Nike26:52.87
4Mohammed Ahmed - Nike Bowerman Track Club26:53.01
5Habtom Samuel - University of New Mexico26:53.84
6Adriaan Wildschutt - Hoka NAZ Elite26:55.54
7Woody Kincaid - Nike26:57.57
8Edwin Kurgat - Under Armour Dark Sky Distance26:57.66
9Isaac Kimeli - Puma27:07.97
10Patrick Dever - Puma Elite27:08.81
11Anthony Rotich - U.S. Army27:08.94
12Joe Klecker - On Athletics Club27:09.29
13Jack Rayner - Nike / Melbourne Track Club27:09.57
14Abdihamid Nur - Nike27:17.28
15Ben Flanagan - On Athletics Club27:20.93
16Luis Grijalva - Hoka27:26.02
17Tomoki Ota - Toyota27:26.41
18Athanas Kioko - On Running27:32.29
19Charles Hicks - Nike Bowerman Track Club27:33.58
20Keita Satoh - Komazawa University27:34.66
21Emmanuel Bor - unattached27:42.99
22Brian Fay - Nike27:43.45
23Dillon Maggard - Brooks Beasts Track Club27:47.60
24Alex Masai - Hoka NAZ Elite27:47.86
25Kazuki Tamura - Sumitomo El27:49.09
26Jack Rowe - Puma Elite27:54.55
27Nils Voigt - Puma28:00.56
28Wesley Kiptoo - Hoka NAZ Elite28:03.42
29Mebuki Suzuki - Komazawa University28:03.93
30Jonas Raess - On Athletics Club28:04.78
31Kotaro Shinohara - Komazawa University28:05.70
32Isai Rodriguez - Puma Elite29:28.76
DNFAhmed Muhumed - PACER 
DNFAvinash Sable - India / Nike / ADP 
DNFKazuya Shiojiri - Fujitsu 
DNFAmon Kemboi - PACER 
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