Agnes Jebet Ngetich Shatters 10K World Record at Valencia Ibercaja with Stunning 28:46

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Agnes Jebet Ngetich from Kenya broke the 10K world record, setting an impressive new time of 28:46 on January 14, at the Valencia Ibercaja 10K. This feat surpassed the previous record of 29:14 and demonstrated Ngetich's exceptional endurance and speed, maintaining an average of 2:52 per kilometer. Additionally, her halfway mark of 14:13 in the 5K, subject to official verification, matched the world record for that distance. Despite less-than-ideal weather conditions, with wind and higher temperatures, her performance was a highlight of the event, paralleling Jacob Kiplimo's victory in the men's division with a time of 26:53, marking the fifth-best record in history.

Ngetich expressed her astonishment post-race, having originally aimed for a time close to the previous world record. The race's significance was further highlighted by another Kenyan, Emmaculate Anyango Achol, who also broke the 29-minute barrier with a time of 28:57, placing second.

In the lead-up to the race, attention was focused on Ngetich, a favorite for breaking the record, especially after her near miss in November in Lille, France, and her 29:24 time in a women-only 10K in Brasov, Romania. The women's race began intensely, with Ngetich joining the male elite group and maintaining that position for the first half. The race then turned into a solo effort against time, where Ngetich not only persisted but also accelerated towards the end.

In the men's division, Ugandan athlete Jacob Kiplimo, the current half marathon world record holder, was a major draw. Kiplimo, returning from an injury, had previously shown impressive form in various races. The 10K Ibercaja Valencia, known for its 2020 world record by Rhonex Kipruto (26:24), saw Kiplimo lead a strong field, eventually winning with a time of 26:47.

This event was remarkable for the high level of competition, with 20 athletes finishing under 28 minutes, including Dominic Lobalu of Switzerland, who set a European record of 27:14 and finished fifth overall.


1. Agnes Jebet (KEN) - 28:46 World Record
2. Emmaculate Anyango Achol (KEN) - 28:58
3. Lilian Kasait Rengeruk (KEN) - 29:35
4. Janet Chepngetich (KEN) - 29:56
5. Joy Cheptoyek (UGA) - 30:23
6. Loice Chemnung (KEN) - 30:23
7. Cinthia Chepngeno (KEN) - 30:24
8. Irene Cheptai (KEN) - 30:23
9. Fotyen Tesfay (ETH) - 30:27
10. Saraj Chelangat (UGA) - 30:31


1. Jacob Kiplimo (UGA) - 26:53
2. Birhanu Balew (BRN) - 26:59
3. Peter Mwaniki Aila (KEN) - 27:00
4. Dennis Kibet (KEN) - 27:03
5. Dominic Lobalu (SUI) - 27:14
6. Andreas Almgren (SWE) - 27:21
7. Mohamed Ismail (DJI) - 27:28
8. Rogers Kibet (UGA) - 27:35
9. Hillary Kipchirchir Chepkwony (KEN) - 27:36
10. Dawit Seare (ERI) - 27:36

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