Zurich Marathon Barcelona Men's and Women's Elite Field

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The Zurich Marathon Barcelona reaches its 44th edition this Sunday with 15,127 registered runners, which beat the pre-pandemic year with 5,000 more participants. According to the organization, more than half of the participants are international runners (8,319) from 119 countries.

Barcelona marathon has a World Athletics gold label for the first time. It will become the only marathon in Spain to have it (Valencia has platinum, which is the maximum level), which guarantees a good elite field, with 13 men under 2h07 and eight women under 2h25.


1. Kaan Kigen Ozbilen (TUR) - 2h04:16
2. Joel Kemboi Kimurer (KEN) - 2h05:19
3. Marius Kimutai (BHR) - 2h05:47
4. Adugna Takele Bikila (ETH) - 2h05:52
5. Oqbe Kibrom (ERI) - 2h05:53
6. Kelkile Gezahegn (ETH) - 2h05:56
7. Kenneth Keter (KEN) - 2h06:05)
8. Othmane El Goumri (MAR) - 2h06:18
9. Hamid Ben Daoud (ESP)- 2:06:35
10. Tadesse Abraham (SUI) - 2h06:38
11. Abde Asefa (ETH) - 2h06:43
12. Birhan Nebebew (ETH) - 2h06:52
13. Kennedy Kiprop (KEN) - 2h06:59


1. Zeineba Yimer Worku (ETH) - 2h19:28
2. Azmera Gebru Hagos (ETH) - 2h20:48
3. Selly Chepyego (KEN) - 2h21:06
4. Zenebu Fikadu (ETH) - 2h25:11
5. Delvine Meringor (ROM) - 2h24:32
6. Bone Cheluke (ETH) - 2h24:37
7. Melesech Tsegaye (ETH) - 2h24:47
8. Tseginesh Mekonnin (ETH) - 2h24:50

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