Men's and Women's Preview for the NN Roterdam Marathon 2022

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Abdi Nageeye from the Netherland and Bashir Abdi from Belgium will make the headlines in the men’s race at the Rotterdam NN Marathon, a World Athletics Elite Label road race, on Sunday 10th April. 

Nageeye and Abdi won the Olympic silver and bronze medals in Sapporo last August in a thrilling sprint behind Eliud Kipchoge.

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They are good friends and have a good memory of the Rotterdam Marathon. 

Nageeye made his marathon debut in Rotterdam in 2015 finishing ninth in 2:12:33. Two years later he became the first Dutch runner to break the 2:10 barrier with 2:09:36. In 2019 he improved his national record from 2:08:16 to 2:06:17 to finish fourth in the Dutch marathon. 

Abdi also made his marathon debut in Rotterdam in 2018 finishing eighth in 2:10:46 despite a fall. Last October Abdi improved the European record to 2:03:36 on the 40th edition of the Rotterdam, setting the course record and the Dutch all-comers record. 

Bashir Abdi: “If we can run together on this fast course, we can go even faster. For me it is the number one marathon and that also applies to my friend Negeeye”. 

The line-up also features two-time Rotterdam winner Marius Kipserem, Reuben Kipyego from Kenya, Philemon Kacheran, Leul Gebrselassie and Dawit Wolde from Ethiopia. 

Kipserem won the Dutch marathon race in 2016 in 2:06:11 and in 2019 in the previous course record 2:04:11, finished fifth in 2018 in 2:07:22 and second in 2021 in 2:04:04.  He is aiming to reclaim the course record, which he lost to Abdi last year. 

Reuben Kipyego set his PB of 2:03:55 in Milan in May 2021 and is aiming to improve his PB on the fast Dutch course. 

Ethiopia’s Dawit Wolde finished third to Abdi and Kipserem in PB of 2:04:27 in last year’s edition of the Rotterdam Marathon. 

Leul Gebrselassie from Ethiopia set his PB clocking 2:04:02 in Dubai in 2018. Last year he ran two marathon races finishing fifth in Milan in 2:04:31 and third in Amsterdam in 2:04:12. 

Kacheran set his PB of 2:05:19 in Valencia last year. In his previous two marathon races the Kenyan runner finished fourth in Barcelona in 2:07:12 and fifth in Valencia in 2:06:05 in 2019. 

Women’s race: 

Ethiopia’s Haven Hailu, Kenya’s Stella Barsosio and Barhein’s Rose Chelimo are the fastest entrants in the women’s race. The course record has been held by Ethiopia’s Tiki Gelana, who clocked 2:18:58 on the fast Dutch course in 2012. Later that year she won the Olympic gold medal in London. 

Hailu improved her PB clocking 2:20:19 in Amsterdam and finished fourth in Siena Ampugnano in 2:23:52 in 2021. 

Haven Hailu: “I am looking forward to running in Rotterdam. The marathon has a great reputation and a fast course. I would like to improve my PR here and try to snatch from Tiki Gelana”. 

Stella Barsosio won the Rotterdam Marathon last year improving her PB to 2:22:04. 

Rose Chelimo won the world gold medal in London in 2017 and finished second in Doha 2019. She took second place in Boston 2017 improving her PB to 2:22:51. 

Men's Elite

1Bashir AbdiBEL2.03.36
2Getaneh Molla TamireETH2.03.30
3Kiprop Reuben KipyegoKEN2.03.55
4Marius KipseremKEN2.04.04
5Leul GebresilaseETH2.04.12
6Dawit WoldeETH2.04.27
7Kenneth KipkemoiKEN2.05.44
8Philemon KacheranKEN2.06.05
9Abdi NageeyeNED2.06.17
10Yohanes GhebregergisERI2.06.28
11Stephen ScullionIRE2.09.49
12Paul PollockIRE2.10.15
14Abida EzamzamiMOR2.10.30
15Björn KoremanNED2.11.07
16Mert GirmalegesseTUR2,11,07
17Shadrack BiwottUSA2.12.01
18Joash MutaiKEN2.12.54
19Omar HassanDEN2.12.55
20Kobe PrimozSLO2.13.36
21Ronald SchröerNED2.13.52
22Weynay GhebresilasieGBR2.16.27
23Mitja KrevsSLO2.16.36
24Rune BaekgaardDEN2.16.38
25Roel WijmengaNED2.17.21
26Wilfred van HolstNED2.18.23

Women's elite

F1Stella BarsosioKEN2.22.04
F2Haven HailuETH2.20.19
F3Rose ChelimoBRN2.22.51
F4Nienke BrinkmanNED2.26.34
F5Sara Catarina RibeiroPOR2.26.39
F6Carolina WikströmSWE2.26.42
F7Munkhzaya BayartsogtMNG2.28.03
F8Daisy CherotichKENDebuut
F9Mercela JoglovaCZE2.28.16
F10Elena LoyoESP2.28.25
F11Alisa VanoFIN2.30.22
F12Beverly RamosPR2.32.44
F14Nina ChydeniusFIN2.32.48
F15Tristin van OrdUSA2.32.55
F16Whitney MaconUSA2.33.42
F17Thea HeimGER2.26.10
F18Eva van ZoonenNED2.41.28
F19Liliana Maria DragomirROM2.43.14
F20Monica Madalina FloreaROM2.44.29
F21Jacelyn GruppenNED2.52.17
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