• Another Turk Athlete Charged With Doping

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Turkeys Asli Cakir Alptekin was charged with doping and could be stripped of her Olympic gold medal she won last year in London. Another female Turkish athlete, Nevin Yanit, also was charged with doping violations and could lose her European indoor title she won in March in Goteborg, Sweeden.

 IAAF spokesman Nick Davies told The Associated Press that Alptekin had abnormal blood values in her biological passport.

Nevin Yanit had failed doping tests multiple times carried out in-competition and out-of-competitions.

Both cases have been referred to the Turkish Track and Field federation. Pending a verdict, both athletes are suspended and ineligible to compete.

"If they are convicted, they will be stripped of those medals," Davies said. "For now though, they are just stopped from running until the legal process is completed."

 If Alptekin is found guilty more likely she will face a life ban for a second offense.

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