• Anna Chicherova Denies Relationship With Her Coach

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London Olympic Gold medalist in high jump, Anna Chicherova revieled that she has a conflict with her coach and that they for some unknown reasons stopped comunicating.

"If my coach is tired from working with me, we somehow will have to try to solve this issue. More likely he has some complains about me, but I have some grievances as well. We have not comunicated to each other, so our problem stays with no solution." told 30 year old Russian high-jumper.

The coach and athletes relationship came in spot light last year when Chicherova set a new Russian record by clearing 2.07 at the national championships. After that feat, Zagorulko is reported to have said: "Now I can die happy". The reason behind the elation was that a former Zagorulko pupil, Tamara Bykova, had held the Russian record of 2.05 for 20 years until Yelena Slesarenko (coach: Boris Gorkov) snatched it away in the Athens Olympics with 2.06.

Chicherova admits problems with her health:"I am about to head off to Israel to the Dead Sea for a mud cure," she said. "I have got to help my body rest. Then I shall gently embark on some physical preparation. As for the winter season, I would prefer to skip it so as to give my body time to repair itself. I regard the winter season as a time for recovery and rehabilitation. Everything is geared towards the 2013 summer season."

Besides London Olympic Gold medal Chicherova won a gold medal in world championships in Dageu 2011. She hold a personal best of 2.07 meters outdoors and 2.06 meters indoors. 

Article source: www.sovsport.ru



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