Moore-Guldensporenmeeting 2024 - Live Stream

Sat, July 13, 2024 at 12:00 (GMT)
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Live stream details, results, entry lists, and event schedule for the 2024 Moore-Guldensporenmeeting:


Date: Saturday, July 13

Event Category: World Athletics Continental Tour - Bronze

Location: Kortrijk, Belgium


Th Moore-Guldensporenmeeting 2024 will be streamed live on the European Athletics YouTube channel. The live broadcast is scheduled to start at  12:00 (GMT).


Time Element
14:30Men - National400 meters
14:50Women - National400 meters
15:15Men - National100 meter
15:30Women - National100 meter
15:55Men - National800 meters
16:20Women - National800 meters
16:50Men - National200 meters
17:10Women - National200 meters
17:30Men - Heats110 meter hurdles
17:45Women - Heats100 meter hurdles
18:00MenShot put
18:45WomenLong jump
18:45Women - AHMLong jump
19:00Women - International100 meter
19:10Men - International100 meter
19:20Women - International400 meters
19:30Men - International400 meters
19:40Women - International800 meters
19:40WomenPole vaulting
19:50Men International800 meters
8:00 pmWomenHigh jump
20:15Women -final-BA100m hurdles final
20:15MenLong jump
20:25Men - 110m H - final BA110m hurdles final
20:40Women - International200 meters
20:50Men International200 meters
21:10Men International1500 meters
21:20Men - National1500 meters
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