Northeast Outdoor Championships 2024 - Live Stream

Sun, May 05, 2024 at 15:00 (GMT)
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Live stream, results, entry lists and meet schedule for the 2024 Northeast Outdoor Track and Field Championships:

The 2024 Northeast Outdoor Track and Field Championships are scheduled for May 4 to 5 in New Britain, Connecticut.


The event will be streamed live on the NEC FRONT ROW Network:


Day 1 Schedule:

Men's JavelinFinals8:30 AM
Men's 10000 MetersFinals8:45 AM 
Women's 10000 MetersFinals9:30 AM
Women's Long JumpFinals10:00 AM
Men's Long JumpFinals10:00 AM
Women's HammerFinals11:00 AM
Men's 1500 MetersPrelims12:00 PM
Women's 1500 MetersPrelims12:20 PM 
Men's 110m HurdlesPrelims12:45 PM
Women's 100m HurdlesPrelims1:00 PM 
Women's 400 MetersPrelims1:15 PM
Men's 400 MetersPrelims1:30 PM
Men's 100 MetersPrelims1:45 PM
Women's 100 MetersPrelims2:00 PM
Men's HammerFinals2:00 PM
Women's Shot PutFinals2:00 PM 
Men's 800 MetersPrelims2:15 PM 
Women's 800 MetersPrelims2:30 PM 
Men's 400m HurdlesPrelims2:45 PM
Women's 400m HurdlesPrelims3:00 PM 
Men's 200 MetersPrelims3:15 PM
Women's 200 MetersPrelims3:30 PM
Men's 4 x 800m RelayFinals3:45 PM
Women's 4 x 800m RelayFinals4:00 PM

Day 2 Schedule:

Women's JavelinFinals8:30 PM
Men's Triple JumpFinals9:30 AM 
Women's Triple JumpFinals9:30 AM 
Men's DiscusFinals11:00 PM
Men's 3000m SteepleFinals12:30 PM 
Women's 3000m SteepleFinals12:55 PM
Men's 4 x 100m RelayFinals1:15 PM
Women's 4 x 100m RelayFinals1:25 PM
Men's 1500 MetersFinals1:35 PM
Women's 1500 MetersFinals1:45 PM
Women's DiscusFinals1:45 PM
Men's 110m HurdlesFinals1:55 PM 
Men's Shot PutFinals2:00 PM
Women's 100m HurdlesFinals2:05 PM
Men's 400 MetersFinals2:15 PM
Women's 400 MetersFinals2:25 PM
Men's 100 MetersFinals2:35 PM
Women's 100 MetersFinals2:40 PM
Men's 800 MetersFinals2:45 PM 
Women's 800 MetersFinals2:50 PM
Men's 400m HurdlesFinals3:00 PM
Women's 400m HurdlesFinals3:05 PM
Men's 200 MetersFinals3:15 PM
Women's 200 MetersFinals3:20 PM
Men's 5000 MetersFinals3:25 PM
Women's 5000 MetersFinals3:50 PM
Men's 4 x 400m RelayFinals4:15 PM
Women's 4 x 400m RelayFinals4:25 PM
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