Night of Athletics Heusden-Zolder 2024

Sat, June 15, 2024

Results, entries and schedule for the 2024 Night of Athletics Heusden-Zolder:

The 2024 Night of Athletics Heusden-Zolder will take place on Saturday, June 15, with pre program starting at 10:30 GMT and main program starting at 18:30. This event is part of the World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze category and promises an exciting lineup of athletics competitions.

Entry Lists:


12:30 1000m Pupillen Meisjes 
12:46 1000m Pupillen Jongens 
13:02 1000m Miniemen Meisjes 
13:18 1000m Miniemen Jongens 
13:36 800m Cadetten Meisjes ALLE 
13:36 800m Cadetten Meisjes 2e jaars2009
13:43 800m Cadetten Jongens 1e jaars2010
13:50 800m Cadetten Jongens 2e jaars2009
13:57 800m Scholieren Meisjes ALLE 
13:57 800m Scholieren Meisjes 2e jaars2007
14:04 800m Scholieren Jongens 1e jaars2008
14:11 800m Scholieren Jongens 2e jaars2007
14:19PRE800m Women National heats 
14:40 800m Men National heats 
15:25 100m Women National heats 
15:34 100m Men National heats 
15:51 400m Women Nat heats + B heat 
16:16 400m Men Nat heats + B heat 
16:46 1500m Women National heats 
17:18 1500m Men National heats 
18:00 200m Women National heats 
18:08 200m Men National heats 
18:3018:30Pole Vault Women 
18:32 100m Men B+A 
18:38 100m Women B+A 
18:45 1500m Women 
18:53 800m Men B 
19:00 800m Men 
19:07 800m Women B 
19:15 800m Women 
19:1519:20Javelin Men 
19:25 110 Hurdles Men 
19:33 100 Hurdles Women 
19:40 400m Women 
19:47 400m Men 
19:53 1500m Men B 
20:00 1500m Men 
20:12 400 Hurdles Women 
20:20 5000m Men 
20:40 5000m Men B 
21:07 5000m Men National C 
21:27 5000m Men National D 
21:47 5000m Men National E 
22:07 5000m Men National F 
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