Istanbul Marathon 2023 - Live Stream

Sun, November 05, 2023 at 05:45 (GMT)
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Live stream, results and race day schedule for the Istanbul Marathon, a World Athletics Gold Label Road Race.

Approximately 4,500 participants are set to traverse the iconic route of the Istanbul Marathon, embarking from the Asian side of the city and concluding their journey in Europe at Sultanahmet Square, amidst the historical heart of Istanbul. Coupled with shorter distance competitions, the event anticipates a collective turnout of 45,000 runners. Esteemed as a World Athletics Gold Label Road Race, the Türkiye Is Bankasi Istanbul Marathon is scheduled to commence at 9:00am (GMT +3).


The Istanbul Marathon will be broadcasted globally with English commentary for free on the IBB Istanbul YouTube channel. The live stream is set to begin at 8:45 am local time (GMT +3).

Istanbul Marathon Elite Preview:

Race Day Schedule:

  • 08.45 - Wheelchair Race Start
  • 09.00 - Marathon 42K Start
  • 09.16 - 15K – 1st Start
  • 09.34 - 15K- 2nd Start
  • 09.52 - 8K Corporate Run – 1st Start
  • 10.18 - 8K Corporate run – 2nd Start
  • 10.44 - Corporate run – 3rd Start
  • 11.10 - Public Run – 1st Start
  • 11.50 - Public Run – 2nd Start
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