Results - Meeting International d'Athlétisme de Troyes Aube 2024

Results and start lists for the 2024 Meeting International d'Athlétisme de Troyes Aube - World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze:

Date: Sunday, June 16

Location: Troyes, France

Schedule (CEST= GMT +2)

14:15400m Hurdles WomenFinal C
14:15400m WomenFinal E
14:18400m Hurdles WomenFinal B
14:25400m WomenFinal D
14:30400m Hurdles MenFinal C
14:35400m WomenFinal C
14:45400m WomenFinal B
15:00400m MenFinal D
15:03400m MenFinal C
15:06400m MenFinal B
15:15800m WomenFinal D
15:18800m WomenFinal C
15:20Hammer Throw MixedFinal
15:21800m WomenFinal B
15:33800m MenFinal E
15:38800m MenFinal D
15:43800m MenFinal C
15:551500m WomenFinal B
16:051500m MenFinal C
16:35100m Hurdles WomenRound 1 Heat 1
16:40100m Hurdles WomenRound 1 Heat 2
16:55110m Hurdles MenRound 1 Heat 1
17:001500m MenFinal B
17:00110m Hurdles MenRound 1 Heat 2
17:00Hammer Throw MenFinal
17:10100m WomenRound 1 Heat 1
17:14100m WomenRound 1 Heat 2
17:18100m WomenRound 1 Heat 3
17:22100m WomenRound 1 Heat 4
17:26100m WomenRound 1 Heat 5
17:30100m MenRound 1 Heat 1
17:34100m MenRound 1 Heat 2
17:38100m MenRound 1 Heat 3
17:42100m MenRound 1 Heat 4
17:46100m MenRound 1 Heat 5
18:15110m Hurdles MenFinal
18:25100m Hurdles WomenFinal
18:40Hammer Throw WomenFinal
18:40Long Jump WomenFinal
18:50400m MenFinal A
19:00100m WomenFinal
19:05100m MenFinal B
19:08100m MenFinal A
19:20400m Hurdles WomenFinal A
19:20400m WomenFinal A
19:30400m Hurdles MenFinal B
19:33400m Hurdles MenFinal A
19:45800m WomenFinal A
19:50800m MenFinal B
19:55800m MenFinal A
20:051500m MenFinal A
20:151500m WomenFinal A
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