Results - Alan Connie Shamrock Invitational 2024

Results, entry lists and meet schedule for the 2024 Alan Connie Shamrock Invitational:

Event Date: March 14-16

Location: Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Thursday, March 14

Track Events

HeatsWomen 10000m (Collegiate)Thu 8:00 PM
HeatsMen 10000m (Collegiate)Thu 8:45 PM

Field Events

Men Hammer Throw (Collegiate)Thu 2:00 PM
Women Javelin Throw (Collegiate)Thu 2:00 PM

Friday, March 15

Track Events

HeatsWomen 1 Mile (Open)Fri 12:30 PM
HeatsMen 1 Mile (Open)Fri 12:45 PM
HeatsWomen 100m Hurdles (Collegiate) - PrelimsFri 1:15 PM
HeatsMen 110m Hurdles (Collegiate) - PrelimsFri 1:30 PM
HeatsWomen 400m (Open)Fri 1:45 PM
HeatsMen 400m (Open)Fri 2:00 PM
HeatsWomen 100m (Collegiate) - PrelimsFri 2:30 PM
HeatsMen 100m (Collegiate) - PrelimsFri 2:50 PM
HeatsWomen 800m (Open)Fri 3:20 PM
HeatsMen 800m (Open)Fri 3:35 PM
ScheduledWomen 100m Hurdles (Collegiate) - SemisFri 4:00 PM
ScheduledMen 110m Hurdles (Collegiate) - SemisFri 4:15 PM
ScheduledWomen 100m (Collegiate) - SemisFri 4:45 PM
ScheduledMen 100m (Collegiate) - SemisFri 5:00 PM
HeatsWomen 4x800 (Collegiate)Fri 5:15 PM
HeatsMen 4x800 (Collegiate)Fri 5:30 PM
HeatsWomen 4x200 (Collegiate)Fri 5:45 PM
HeatsMen 4x200 (Collegiate)Fri 5:55 PM
HeatsWomen 5000m (Collegiate)Fri 6:10 PM
HeatsMen 5000m (Collegiate)Fri 7:00 PM

Field Events

FlightsWomen Long Jump (Collegiate)Fri 11:30 AM
FlightsMen Long Jump (Collegiate)Fri 11:30 AM
FlightsWomen Hammer Throw (Collegiate)Fri 1:00 PM
FlightsWomen Pole Vault (Open)Fri 3:30 PM
FlightsMen Javelin Throw (Collegiate)Fri 4:00 PM
FlightsMen Pole Vault (Open)Fri 6:00 PM

Saturday, March 16

Track Events

HeatsWomen 3000m (Collegiate)Sat 11:00 AM
HeatsMen 3000m (Collegiate)Sat 11:30 AM
HeatsWomen 4x100 (Collegiate)Sat 12:00 PM
HeatsMen 4x100 (Collegiate)Sat 12:10 PM
HeatsWomen 1 Mile (Collegiate)Sat 12:20 PM
HeatsMen 1 Mile (Collegiate)Sat 12:45 PM
ScheduledWomen 100m Hurdles (Collegiate) - FinalsSat 1:20 PM
ScheduledMen 110m Hurdles (Collegiate) - FinalsSat 1:35 PM
HeatsWomen 400m (Collegiate)Sat 1:50 PM
HeatsMen 400m (Collegiate)Sat 2:10 PM
ScheduledWomen 100m (Collegiate) - FinalsSat 2:30 PM
ScheduledMen 100m (Collegiate) - FinalsSat 2:40 PM
HeatsWomen 800m (Collegiate)Sat 2:50 PM
HeatsMen 800m (Collegiate)Sat 3:10 PM
HeatsWomen 400m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 3:40 PM
HeatsMen 400m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 3:55 PM
ScheduledWomen 200m (Collegiate)Sat 4:20 PM
ScheduledMen 200m (Collegiate)Sat 4:50 PM
HeatsWomen 3000m Steeple (Collegiate)Sat 5:15 PM
HeatsMen 3000m Steeple (Collegiate)Sat 5:30 PM
ScheduledWomen 4x400 (Collegiate)Sat 5:50 PM
ScheduledMen 4x400 (Collegiate)Sat 6:00 PM

Field Events

FlightsMen Discus Throw (Collegiate)Sat 10:30 AM
FlightsWomen Shot Put (Collegiate)Sat 10:30 AM
FlightsWomen High Jump (Open)Sat 11:30 AM
FlightsMen High Jump (Open)Sat 11:30 AM
FlightsWomen Pole Vault (Collegiate)Sat 12:00 PM
FlightsWomen High Jump (Collegiate)Sat 2:00 PM
FlightsMen High Jump (Collegiate)Sat 2:00 PM
FlightsWomen Discus Throw (Collegiate)Sat 2:30 PM
FlightsMen Shot Put (Collegiate)Sat 2:30 PM
FlightsMen Pole Vault (Collegiate)Sat 2:30 PM
FlightsWomen Triple Jump (Collegiate)Sat 4:00 PM
FlightsMen Triple Jump (Collegiate)Sat 4:00 PM
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