Meet Schedule: Track Night NYC 2023

Meet Schedule for the 2023 Track Night NYC, a World Athletics Continental Tour Challenger.

Event Date: Friday, May 19


5:15 PMMen's 800m Open Final
5:27 PMWomen's 800m Open Final
5:37 PMBoys' 800m HS Unseeded Final
5:47 PMGirls' 800m HS Unseeded Final
5:53 PMWomen's 200m Open Final
5:54 PMMen's 200m Open Final
6:01 PMBoys' 200m HS Unseeded Final
6:07 PMGirls' 200m Club/Unattached Final
6:09 PMGirls' 200m HS Unseeded Final
6:13 PMBoys' Mile HS Unseeded Final
6:24 PMGirls' Mile HS Unseeded Final
6:31 PMMen's 1500m Open Final
6:49 PMWomen's 1500m Open Final
7:02 PMBetter AccountingMen's 100m Final
7:10 PMRae's TakeBoys' 200m High School Final
7:15 PMRae's TakeGirls' 200m High School Final
7:20 PM5K on the BeachMen's 3000m Steeplechase Final
7:32 PM5K on the BeachWomen's 3000m Steeplechase Final
7:45 PMBrooklyn Running CompanyMen's 1500m Seeded Final
7:54 PMBrooklyn Running CompanyWomen's 1500m Seeded Final
8:04 PMPowerbarBoys' Mile High School Final
8:13 PMJoanie and Tim KaijalaGirls' Mile High School Final
8:23 PMRae's TakeMen's 200m Seeded Final
8:31 PMRae's TakeWomen's 200m Seeded Final
8:35 PMMixed 400m Chasedown Final
8:39 PMMilesplitBoys' 800m High School Final
8:46 PMMilesplitGirls' 800m High School Final
8:53 PMAthletic Brewing CompanyNA Beer Mile Relay Final
9:02 PMMen's 800m Seeded Final
9:08 PMWomen's 800m Seeded Final
9:26 PMMartin Physical TherapyMen's 5000m Seeded Final
9:42 PMMartin Physical TherapyWomen's 5000m Seeded Final
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