Results: Alex Wilson Invitational 2022

Results for the Alex Wilson Invitational 2022, an indoor track and field meeting.

Event Date: Saturday, February 19 |

Meet venue: Loftus Center in South Bend, Indiana |

Women's Weight ThrowFinalResults
Men's Weight ThrowFinalResults
Women's Shot PutFinalResults
Men's Shot PutFinalResults
Men's Long JumpFinalResults
Women's Long JumpFinalResults
Men's Triple JumpFinalResults
Women's Triple JumpFinalResults
Women's Pole VaultFinalResults
Men's Pole VaultFinalResults
Men's High JumpFinalResults
Women's High JumpFinalResults
Women's 60m HurdlesPrelimResults
Men's 60m HurdlesPrelimResults
Women's 60 MetersPrelimResults
Men's 60 MetersPrelimResults
Women's 4000m DMRFinalResults
Men's 4000m DMRFinalResults
Women's 400 MetersFinalResults
Men's 400 MetersFinalResults
Women's 60m HurdlesFinalResults
Men's 60m HurdlesFinalResults
Women's 60 MetersFinalResults
Men's 60 MetersFinalResults
Women's 1 Mile RunFinalResults
Men's 1 Mile RunFinalResults
Women's 200 MetersFinalResults
Men's 200 MetersFinalResults
Women's 3000 MetersFinalResults
Men's 3000 MetersFinalResults
Women's 800 MetersFinalResults
Men's 800 MetersFinalResults
Women's 4 x 400m RelayFinalResults
Men's 4 x 400m RelayFinalResults
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