Results and schedule: Ted Nelson Invitational 2022

Results and schedule: 2022 Texas A&M Ted Nelson Invitational Indoor | Bryan-College Station, TX | January 14 - 15.

Schedule / results day 2

DayStartRunning EventsRndStart ListResult
Saturday1:20 PMWomen 60 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday1:28 PMMen 60 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday1:42 PMWomen 60 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday1:51 PMMen 60 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Saturday2:00 PMWomen 1 MileFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:14 PMMen 1 MileFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:30 PMMen 60 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Saturday2:35 PMWomen 60 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Saturday2:41 PMWomen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:51 PMMen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:05 PMWomen 60 MFinalStart ListResult
Saturday3:07 PMMen 60 MFinalStart ListResult
Saturday3:12 PMWomen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:23 PMMen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:31 PMWomen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:43 PMMen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:55 PMWomen 3000 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday4:20 PMMen 3000 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday4:44 PMWomen 1000 MFinalStart ListResult
Saturday4:49 PMWomen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday5:07 PMMen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartField EventsRndStart ListResult
Saturday12:00 PMWomen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Saturday12:00 PMMen Pole VaultFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:00 PMWomen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:00 PMMen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:30 PMMen WeightFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:30 PMWomen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:45 PMMen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMWomen WeightFinalStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMMen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMWomen Triple JumpFinalStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMMen Triple JumpFinalStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMWomen Pole VaultFinalStart ListResult

Schedule / results day 1

DayStartRunning EventsRndStart ListResult
Friday12:45 PMWomen 60 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday12:53 PMMen 60 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday1:05 PMWomen 60 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday1:17 PMMen 60 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday1:30 PMWomen 1 MileFinalsStart ListResult
Friday1:44 PMMen 1 MileFinalsStart ListResult
Friday2:00 PMMen 60 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Friday2:05 PMWomen 60 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Friday2:11 PMWomen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday2:25 PMMen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday2:45 PMWomen 60 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday2:47 PMMen 60 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday2:53 PMWomen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:01 PMMen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:11 PMWomen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:23 PMMen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:38 PMWomen 3000 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday3:52 PMMen 3000 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday4:04 PMWomen DMRFinalStart ListResult
Friday4:19 PMMen DMRFinalStart ListResult
Friday4:32 PMWomen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Friday4:50 PMMen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Friday5:14 PMWomen 5000 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday5:34 PMMen 5000 MFinalStart ListResult
DayStartField EventsRndStart ListResult
Friday12:00 PMWomen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Friday12:00 PMWomen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Friday12:00 PMMen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Friday12:30 PMMen Pole VaultFinalStart ListResult
Friday12:30 PMMen WeightFinalStart ListResult
Friday12:30 PMWomen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Friday1:00 PMWomen Pole VaultFinalStart ListResult
Friday2:45 PMMen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Friday3:00 PMWomen WeightFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:00 PMMen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:00 PMWomen Triple JumpFinalStart ListResult
Friday3:00 PMMen Triple JumpFinalStart ListResult
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