• Official Broadcasters: US Open 2017 Tennis Championships

US Open 2017 Tennis Championships Official Broadcasters  - August 28 - September 10

Below is a list of official US Open 2017 Tennis Championships official broadcasters. 

United Kingom -SkySports (extensive coverage) & British EuroSport (only main-court match) 

USA ESPN - (exclusive rights in the US and will broadcast through all platforms including mobile/online streams) 

Australia  - Fox Sports (exclusive rights from 2013 to 2016)

Canada -  TSN (English coverage), RDS (French coverage)

Most European Countries - EuroSport 1 & 2 (Eurosport will continue to broadcast US Open and many countries, list will be published closer to US open start dates)

Middle-east - BeIN Sports (available in all middle-easter countries and in some parts of north Africa

Indian Sub-Continent - TEN Sports (had the rights for 2015 and its unclear whether they still have the rights of 2016 event)

Mexico - Sky Mexico (to have live coverage of US open in Mexico and some neighbour north american countries like Panama, Puerto Rico etc)

Spain - EuroSport (Usual coverage on EuroSport with spanish commentary)

South America - ESPN (ESPN Latin covers all four grand slams live on TV in most South American countries except Brazil)

Brazil - SporTV (selected matches) also available on ESPN Latin America

South Africa - SuperSports

Russia -NTV+ & EuroSports

France - EuroSports (EuroSport set to continue their coverage of US open with in France as they enter last year of their current deal)

Germany - EuroSports (Available on EuroSport 360 and the current rights deal run through 2017)

Japan - Wowow (exclusive rights in Japan for US Open)

New Zealand - SKY NZ (Sky has tv rights contract with three of the grand slams including US Open. Only Wimbledon is broadcasted on TVNZ)

Pacific Countries - SKY NZ (Sky also broadcast live Tennis Grand Slams live in all pacific countries like Samoa, Tonga etc)

Source: http://www.totalsportek.com/

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