• Info: 2017 England Athletics U20 & U23 Championships

Info: 2017 England Athletics U20 & U23 Championships: June 17 - 18, Bedford, UK

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Track Events Saturday, June 17

U18 M	400m Hurdles	Trial 		10.25
U20 W	400m Hurdles	Heats		10.30
U23 W	400m Hurdles	Heats		10.40
U20 M	400m Hurdles	Heats		10.50
U23 M	400m Hurdles	Heats		11.05
U20 M	1500m		Heats		11.15
U23 M	1500m		Heats		11.25
U20 W	100m		Heats		11.45
U23 M	100m		Heats		12.05
U20 M	100m		Heats		12.35
U23 M	400m		Heats		13.05
U23 W	400m		Heats		13.25
U20 M	400m 		Heats		13.40
U20 W	400m		Heats		14.00
U20 M	3000m		Final		14.20
U23 M	800m		Heats		14.30
U23 W	100m		Heats		15.00
U20 W	100m		Semi-Finals	15.15
U23 M	100m		Semi-Finals	15.25
U20 M	100m		Semi-Finals	15.40
U23 M	5000m		Final		15.55
U20 W	800m		Heats		16.15
U20 M	800m		Heats		16.30
U20 W	1500m		Heats		16.45
U23 W	1500m		Heats		16.55
U20 M	3000m S/Chase	Final		17.10
U23 M	3000m S/Chase	Final		17.20
U23 W	100m		Final		17.35
U20 W	100m		Final		17.40
U23 M	100m		Final		17.45
U20 M	100m		Final		17.50
U23 M	400m		Semi-Finals	17.55
U20 M	400m 		Semi-Finals	18.05
U20 W	400m		Semi-Finals	18.15

Field Events Saturday, June 17

U20 W	Hammer				10.15
U20 M	Pole Vault			10.45
U20 M	Long Jump			10.45
U20 W	Shot				11.15
U20 M	Hammer				11.35
U23 M	Triple Jump			12.15
U23 W	High Jump			12.15
U23 M	Discus				13.05
U20 M	Shot				13.15
U20 W	Pole Vault			13.45
U23 W	Long Jump			14.15
U23 W	Discus				14.25
U23 M	High Jump			15.15
U20 W	Javelin				15.25
U20 W	Triple Jump			16.15
U20 M	Javelin				16.50

Track Events Sunday, June 18

U20 M	10K Walk	Final		10.00
U23 M	10K Walk	Final		10.00
U20 W	10K Walk	Final		10.01
U23 W	10K Walk	Final		10.01
U20 M	400m Hurdles	Final		11.05
U23 M	400m Hurdles	Final		11.10
U20 W	400m Hurdles	Final		11.20
U23 W	400m Hurdles	Final		11.25
U20 W	200m		Heats		11.30
U23 M	200m		Heats		11.50
U20 M	200m		Heats		12.10
U20 M	1500m		Final		12.35
U20 W	1500m		Final		12.45
U20 W	100m Hurdles	Heats		12.55
U23 W	100m Hurdles	Heats		13.10
U20 M	110m Hurdles	Heats		13.20
U23 M	110m Hurdles	Heats		13.35
U23 W	5000m		Final		13.50
U23 W	200m		Heats		14.15
U20 W	200m		Semi-Finals	14.25
U23 M	200m		Semi-Finals	14.35
U20 M	200m		Semi-Finals	14.45
U20 W	3000m 		Final		14.55
U23 W	1500m		Final		15.15
U23 M	1500m		Final		15.25
U20 W	400m		Final		15.35
U23 W	400m		Final		15.40
U20 M	800m		Final		15.45
U23 M	800m		Final		15.50
U20 W	800m		Final		15.55
U23 W	800m		Final 		16.00
U20 M	400m		Final		16.05
U23 M	400m		Final		16.10
U20 W	3000m S/Chase	Final		16.15
U23 W	3000m S/Chase	Final		16.15
U20 M	200m		Final		16.30
U23 M	200m		Final		16.35
U20 W	200m		Final		16.40
U23 W	200m		Final		16.45
U18 W	100m Hurdles	Trial 		16.55
U23 W	100m Hurdles	Final		17.00
U20 W	100m Hurdles	Final		17.05
U18 M	110m Hurdles	Trial 		17.10
U23 M	110m Hurdles	Final		17.15
U20 M	110m Hurdles	Final		17.20

Field Events Sunday, June 18

U23 W	Hammer				10.15
U23 M 	Pole Vault			10.30
U20 W	High Jump			10.30
U23 M	Long Jump			10.30
U23 M	Hammer				11.10
U23 W	Shot				11.30
U20 M	Discus				12.20
U23 W	Triple Jump			12.20
U20 M	High Jump			13.15
U20 W	Long Jump			13.15
U20 W	Discus				13.40
U23 W	Pole Vault			14.15
U23 M	Javelin				15.10
U20 M	Triple Jump			15.15
U23 M	Shot				15.30
U23 W	Javelin				16.30

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