Usain Bolt to Headline Nitro Athletics in Melbourne

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World's fastest man, Usain Bolt, will be the main star at the track and field event, The Nitro Athletics, in Melbourne this Saturday.

The 8-time Olympic champion champion and world record holder over 100m and 200m Bolt will captain the All Stars at the new team-based event.

"This will be track and field as it's never been seen before," Bolt told media earlier this week.

The athletics chief Seb Coe says the Nitro Athletics will "revolutionize" the athletics.

"Athletics, in its traditional form, remains the cornerstone of the Olympic Games.

"However, we need innovation and more opportunities for our athletes to interact with fans and show their personalities." Said Coe.

The Nitro Athletics Melbourn will consist of three one day events on February 4, 9 and 11. In each one day event 6 teams consisting of top athletes from all over the world  will exhibit power, endurance, technique and teamwork disciplines over sprint events, distance events, field and Para-athletics events.

"The sports entertainment product track and field needs to move athletics beyond the existing format of one-day athletics meets". Mark Arbib told bbc sports. 

Competing teams at Melbourne Nitro Athletics

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