• David Storl throws 21.01m in shot put

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Germany's  shot put star David Storl in his second meeting of the year threw 21.01m to win International Internationales Volksbank meeting on Tuesday in Osterode, Germany.

The 2011 and 2013 world champion and 2012 Olympic silver medalist  Storl opened his shot put series in Osterode stadium with a decent 20.68m. He improved his mark to 21.01m in round two. He had another solid throw of 20.43m in round three.  His final three attempts the-25-year-old shot putter fouled.

Storl's 21.01m mark is #9 this year in the world. 

 Men's shot put results | See full meeting results here.

1. Storl, David  

    21,01 m

2. Lewke, Dennis  

19,47 m

3. Jagusch, Christian

19,00 m

4. Müller, Patrick

18,68 m

5. Ekimov, Leo 1990

18,33 m

6. Müller, Hendrik

17,99 m

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