Ostapchuk Gets Only 4 Year Ban

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Belarus shot put drug cheat, Nadzeya Ostapchuk, who failed a doping test at the London Olympics in 2012, escaped a lifetime time ban by receiving only a 4 year ban.

Many expected that Ostapchuk would get a life time ban since the failed drug test in London was her second drug offense in her athletics career, but the AAF gave her only 4 years. Ostapchuk already failed a drug test in 2005 when she was banned for two years for the use of Formestane & 4-Hydroxytestosterone."

Ostapchuk will be ineligible to compete until August 14, 2016, the second week of the Rio Olympics and the third day of track and field competition.

 However, Ostapchuk will not be able to comopete at the Games since she will not be able to compete in any competitions to make a qualifying mark prior to Rio 2016 Olympics.

Olympic shot put champion Valerie Adams of New Zealand tweeted with some anger about Belarus’ Nadzeya Ostapchuk. At the London Olympics, Ostapchuk finished ahead of Adams and received the gold medal on the podium at London 2012 but later she was disqualified and the gold medal was handed to Adams.

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