Marathon WR Under Attack in Dubai?

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On Friday (Jan 24) worlds one of the fastest marathon races will take place in Dubai gathering planets one of the best runners in the 42.2km race.

In the men's race a pair of of sub 2:05, three runners who have posted sub 2:06 and 9 that have run the race under 2:10 just tells of what a tremendous race will be on Friday.

“This could be a world record race if we all work well together. I know that I can run faster than two years ago,” the 2012 Dubai marathon 4th place finisher Jonathan Maiyo (KEN) says that a world record is possible.

The women's race also is expecting to produce very fast times as a class of seven Ethiopians with PR's of sub 2:25 are going to battle for the 200,000USD winners prize money.

“I came to Dubai because I know about the fast course,” said Meselech Melkamu,  the 2012 Frankfurt marathon winner and who holds the best personal best of 2:21:01 among women racers.

Last year Dubai marathon saw a total of 19,837 runners of 145 different nationalities participated in Dubai Marathon – and this year the organizers expect that number to be broken.


Elite Men Athletes 2014

Course Record:

2012 Ayele Abshero Biza Ethiopia 02:04:23 CR

BIB Name Country Bib Name PB
1 Markos Geneti Guteta Ethiopia GENETI 2:04:54
2 Jonathan Kiplimo Maiyo Kenya MAIYO 2:04:56
3 Laban Kipngetich Korir Kenya KORIR 2:06:05
4 Girmay Birhanu Gebru Ethiopia GEBRU 2:06:06
5 Deiiba Merga Ejigu Ethiopia MERGA 2:06:38
6 Megersa Bacha Chikuala Ethiopia CHIKUALA 2:06:56
7 Shumi Dechase Leche Bahrain LECHE 2:07:11
8 Nicholas Kemboi Qatar KEMBOI 2:08:01
9 Habtamu Asefa Wakeyo Ethiopia WAKEYO 2:08:28
10 Dejene Yirdaw Juhar Ethiopia JUHAR 2:08:30
11 Haile Haja Gemeda Ethiopia HAJA 2:08:35
12 Dereje Tadesse Raya Ethiopia TADESSE 2:08:46
13 Abrha Milaw Asefa Ethiopia ASEFA 2:09:00
14 Sisay Lemma Kasaye Ethiopia LEMMA 2:09:02
15 Yekeber Bayabel Gesese Ethiopia BAYABEL 2:09:39
16 Belachew Alemayehu Ameta Ethiopia AMETA 2:10:02
17 Workneh Tesfa Tiruneh Ethiopia TESFA 2:10:26
18 Abdeimounaim Harroufi USA HARROUFI 62:20 H
19 Atsedu Tsegay Tesfay Ethiopia TESFAYE 58:47 H
20 Abeba Dinkessa Negara Ethiopia DINKESSA 60:03 H
21 Abera Kuma Lema Ethiopia LEMA 60:19 H
22 Mule Wasihun Lakew Ethiopia LAKEW 60:33 H
23 Tsuyoshi Ugachi Japan UGACHI 60:51 H
24 Abera Kassw Belay Ethiopia BELAY 60:57 H
25 Abraraw Misganaw Tegegne Ethiopia MISGANAW 61:17 H
26 Tamirat Tola Adera Ethiopia ADERA 61:27 H
27 Tsegaye Mekonnen Asefa Ethiopia ASEFA 62:41 H
28 Birhanu Gidefa Chimdesa Ethiopia CHIMDESA
29 Bekana Seboka Dubaro Ethiopia SEBOKA
30 Dereje Dibaba Keneni Ethiopia KENENI
31 Tadesse Mekonnen Tullu Ethiopia TULLU
32 Chala Lelisa Debele Ethiopia DEBELE PACE
33 Edwin Kipyego Kenya KIPYEGO PACE
34 Essa Ismail Rashed Qatar ISMAIL PACE
35 Victor Kipchurchir Kenya KIPCHIRCHIR PACE
36 Edwin Koech Kenya KOECH PACE

Elite Women Athletes 2014

Course Record:

2012 Aselefech Mergia Medessa Ethiopia 02:19:31 CR
BIB Name Country Bib Name PB
W1 Meselech Melkamu Haileyesus Ethiopia Melkamu 2:21:01
W2 Meseret Hailu Debele Ethiopia Hailu 2:21:09
W3 Mamitu Daska Ethiopia DASKA 2:21:59
W4 Firehiwot Dado Tufa Ethiopia DADO 2:23:15
W5 Ehitu Kiros Reda Ethiopia KIROS 2:23:38
W6 Mula Seboka Seyfu Ethiopia Seboka 2:23:48
W7 Amane Gobena Gemeda Ethiopia Gobena 2:23:50
W8 Belaynesh Oljira Jemama Ethiopia OLJIRA 2:25:01
W9 Sultan Haydar Turkey HAYDAR 2:25:09
W10 Misker Mekonen Demise Ethiopia MEKONEN 2:25:45
W11 Werknesh Kidane Gebremichael Ethiopia KIDANE 2:26:15
W12 Goitetom Haftu Tessema Ethiopia Haftu 2:26:21
W13 Sechale Dalasa Adugna Ethiopia Dalasa 2:26:27
W14 Melkam Gizaw Tola Ethiopia GIZAW 2:26:34
W15 Zemzem Ahmed Deko Ethiopia DEKO 2:27:12
W16 Fantu Eticha Jimma Ethiopia Eticha 2:28:02
W17 Lemelem Berha Yachem Ethiopia Berha 2:29:43
W18 Abeba Tekulu Gebremeskel Ethiopia Tekulu 2:30:17
W19 Konjit Tilahun Biruk Ethiopia Tilahun 2:34:23
W20 Wude Ayalew Yimer Ethiopia AYALEW 67:00 H
W21 Yebrgual Melese Arage Ethiopia Melese 69:02 H
W22 Betelhem Moges Cherenet Ethiopia MOGES 70:00 H
W23 Alem Mokonnin Ourge Ethiopia MOKONNIN
W24 Louise Wiker Sweden WIKER DEBUT
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