Media Put Me in Bad Light: Says Kiprop

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Olympic and World champion Asbel Kiprop of Kenya is set to be charged in an Iten court in connection with assault of a night guard, an Iten police officer confirmed.

The local kenyan media reported earlier this week that the world 1500 meter champion, Asbel Kiprop, who is also a police officer, allegedly entered into a bar in Iten, a town in Kenya on Sunday andforced his way into a bar after hours, threatening guards with a weapon, and demanded to be served alcohol. When the bar would not serve them, Kiprop and four other men dragged the guard to the door, butted him with a pistol, and beat him. READ MORE HERE

Kiprop Denies Gun Assaul

“I am shocked that the media went ahead to publish stories that puts me in bad light and misleading. We were from watching the English Premier League match between Chelsea and Liverpool FC that ended late at night. We were sure of not getting food in camp and decided to look for a restaurant to take dinner and that was the only restaurant operational by the time.” The 2008 Olympic champ said.

“After the incident, I received calls from people identifying themselves as journalists. But I refuted all the claims, they instead decided to malign my name.I think they associated the pistol with work as a policeman,”

“I met him (the guard) and he admitted that I never had a gun. I now wonder why the media made such reports. It could have been fair for them to contact me before publishing the stories:'' Said kiprop.

Another newspaper repoerted that  the athlete has been known for gaudy lifestyle and his love for booze was known to locals.

Now Kiprop awaits the investigation of the incident and a court hearing if necessary.

Interestingly, Asbel Kiprop was set to compete next weekend in Great Brittain at the Great Edinburgh Cross country where he would meet the legendary  Kenenisa Bekele in 6km race. But this incident may draw i red line across an interesting Bekele's and Kiprop's duel.



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