O'Keeffe and Mantz Triumph at US Olympic Marathon Trials, Secure Paris Berths

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Conner Mantz and Fiona O’Keeffe emerged victorious at the US Olympic Marathon Trials in Orlando, securing their spots for the Paris Olympics with their wins on Saturday.

In the women's race, debutante O’Keeffe took a bold lead over seven miles from the finish, ultimately winning with a time of 2:22:10, over thirty seconds ahead of her closest competitor.

Mantz’s victory in the men's race came after a strategic late push alongside Clayton Young, overtaking Zachery Panning in the final miles. Mantz pulled ahead in the last moments to win with a time of 2:09:05.

The women’s race was initially a tight group effort, with a dozen contenders including Emily Sisson and Sara Hall. O’Keeffe, amidst this competitive field, broke away decisively before the 19-mile mark, a move that none of her experienced rivals chose to follow, paving her way to a significant lead and eventual win.

Sisson finished second with a time of 2:22:42, followed by Dakotah Lindwurm in third at 2:25:31, all qualifying for Paris.

The men’s competition saw a leading pack early on, with Panning setting the pace. However, by mile 19, Mantz and Young had broken away, setting up a thrilling finish that saw Mantz edge out Young in the final steps.

Elkanah Kibet and Leonard Korir also finished strongly, but it was Mantz and Young who secured their Olympic qualifications, finishing just seconds apart.

Several top contenders faced challenges during the race, with Galen Rupp, aiming for a historic fifth Olympic appearance, finishing 16th with a time of 2:14:07. Scott Fauble was forced to withdraw before reaching the 15km mark due to stomach problems. Additionally, Paul Chelimo, a two-time Olympic 5,000m medalist, exited his marathon debut just shy of the 30km mark.


  1. Conner Mantz - 2:09:05
  2. Clayton Young - 2:09:06
  3. Leonard Korir - 2:09:57
  4. Elkanah Kibet - 2:10:02
  5. CJ Albertson - 2:10:07
  6. Z Panning - 2:10:50
  7. N Martin - 2:11:00
  8. Josh Isewski - 2:11:09
  9. Reed Fischer - 2:11:34
  10. Colin Bennie - 2:12:17


  1. F O’Keeffe - 2:22:10
  2. Emily Sisson - 2:22:42
  3. D Lindwurm - 2:25:31
  4. J McClain - 2:25:46
  5. Sara Hall - 2:26:06
  6. C Rotich - 2:26:10
  7. M Myler - 2:26:14
  8. L Flanagan - 2:26:25
  9. Emily Durgin - 2:27:56
  10. A Frisbie - 2:27:56
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