Parker Valby and Graham Blanks Smash NCAA 5000m Indoor Records

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Parker Valby and Graham Blanks set new collegiate indoor records in the 5000 meters at the Sharon Colyear-Danville Season Opener in Boston University on Saturday, December 2.

Parker Valby, representing the University of Florida, shattered the women's record with an astonishing time of 14:56.11. This incredible feat saw her take more than 16 seconds off the previous record of 15:12.22, set by Emily Sisson in 2015. Notably, Valby's performance also surpassed the all-time collegiate best of 15:01.70, a record held by Jenny Simpson (nee Barringer) since 2009. With this achievement, Valby has etched her name in history, becoming the seventh fastest American woman indoors.

Valby's race was a masterclass in pacing and endurance. She passed the 1000-meter mark in 3:00.34, the 2000-meter in 6:01.18, and continued to dominate, passing 3000 meters in 9:02.86 and 4000 meters in 12:03.29. Her remarkable final 1000 meters, completed in 2:52.83, sealed her record-breaking performance. Coming off an undefeated season and an individual title at the NCAA DI Cross Country Championships, Valby's record is a testament to her extraordinary talent.

In the men's event, Graham Blanks took the spotlight, breaking the collegiate indoor record with a time of 13:03.72. Blanks, fresh off his victory at the NCAA DI Cross Country Championships, outdid the previous record of 13:08.28 set by Lawi Lalang in 2012. His performance at the Boston University Track & Tennis Center was eagerly anticipated and he did not disappoint.

Blanks' race was a showcase of strategic pacing and sheer willpower. He clocked in at 2:37 at the 1000-meter mark, maintaining a steady pace with splits of 2:40 and 2:39. Once the pacer stepped aside, Blanks took control, closing the final 1000 meters in an impressive 2:29, with the last 1600 meters in 4:07.

Stanford's Ky Robinson also broke the former record, finishing second with a time of 13:06.42.

Women's 5000m Leading Results:

1Parker Valby - Florida14:56.111
2Andrea Rodenfels - Boston Athletic Association15:03.971
3Ella Donaghu - Nike Union Athletics Club15:16.971
4Hilda Olemomoi - Alabama15:17.441
5Hannah Nuttall - New Balance15:17.841
6Katie Camarena - Tinman Elite15:18.811
7Regan Yee - UA Mission Run Dark Sky15:18.931
8Amanda Vestri - ZAP Endurance15:21.111
9Chloe Scrimgeour - Georgetown15:24.361
10Kenzie Doyle - UMass Lowell15:27.421
11Bethany Hasz - Boston Athletic Association15:29.421
12Alicja Konieczek - ON Running15:34.741
13Molly Born - Oklahoma State15:36.041
14Rosina Machu - Gonzaga15:37.051

Men's 5000m Leading Results

1Graham Blanks - Harvard13:03.781
2Ky Robinson - Stanford13:06.421
3Sam Atkin - PUMA13:06.661
4Parker Wolfe - North Carolina13:13.611
5Habtom Samuel - New Mexico13:14.851
6Willy Fink - Under Armour Baltimore Dist13:19.441
7Kasey Knevelbaard - UA Mission Run Dark Sky13:20.941
8Liam Murphy - Villanova13:21.201
9Alex Maier - Oklahoma State13:21.281
10Nico Young - Northern Arizona13:22.963
11James West - New Balance13:22.981
12Brian Barraza - Roots Running Project13:23.341
13Romain Legendre - Adams State13:24.093
14Kirami Yego - Arkansas13:24.361
15Jackson Sharp - Wisconsin13:25.511
16Denis Kipngetich - Oklahoma State13:26.341
17Bob Liking - Wisconsin13:28.032
18Drew Bosley - Northern Arizona13:29.263
19Loic Scomparin - Colo. Sch. of Mines13:29.353
20Theo Quax - Northern Arizona13:29.483
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