World Athletics Junior U20 Championships Event Schedule

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Event schedule for the World Athletics Junior U20 Championships 2022.

The 2022 World Athletics Junior Championships takes place in Cali, Colombia from Monday, August 1 through Saturday, August 6.

Event schedule time Colombia Standard Time (GMT -5)

Day 1 Aug 1 Morning Session

09:05WJavelin ThrowQualification - Group A
09:15M100 MetresDecathlon U20
09:40WShot PutQualification
10:00M1500 MetresHeats
10:08MLong JumpDecathlon U20
10:28WJavelin ThrowQualification - Group B
10:32W3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
11:08W800 MetresHeats
11:37MShot Put (6kg)Decathlon U20
11:45MLong JumpQualification
12:00M100 MetresHeats

Day 1 - Aug 1 Afternoon Session

15:00MHigh JumpDecathlon U20
15:05WDiscus ThrowQualification - Group A
15:15M110m Hurdles (99.0cm)Heats
15:26WPole VaultQualification
16:20X4x400 Metres RelayHeats
16:27WDiscus ThrowQualification - Group B
17:00W3000 MetresFinal
17:25M400 MetresDecathlon U20
17:38MShot Put (6kg)Qualification
17:55M5000 MetresFinal

Day 2 - Aug 2 Morning Session

09:00M110m Hurdles (99.0cm)Decathlon U20
09:11MPole VaultQualification
09:25W400 MetresHeats
09:45MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Decathlon - Group A
10:25M400 MetresHeats
10:46MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Decathlon - Group B
11:25W400 Metres HurdlesHeats
12:01MHammer Throw (6kg)Qualification - Group A
12:18MPole VaultDecathlon U20
12:30W100 MetresHeats
13:20MHammer Throw (6kg)Qualification - Group B

Day 2 - Aug 2 Afternoon Session

15:05MJavelin ThrowDecathlon - Group A
15:10M110m Hurdles (99.0cm)Semi-Final
15:15WShot PutFinal
15:40M100 MetresSemi-Final
16:05MJavelin ThrowDecathlon - Group B
16:10W800 MetresSemi-Final
16:15MLong JumpFinal
16:50X4x400 Metres RelayFinal
17:15MShot Put (6kg)Final
17:20WJavelin ThrowFinal
17:30M1500 MetresDecathlon U20
17:55M100 MetresFinal

Day 3 - Aug 3 Morning Session

09:00W100 Metres HurdlesHeptathlon
09:11WHammer ThrowQualification - Group A
09:25M3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
09:45WLong JumpQualification
09:55WHigh JumpHeptathlon
10:10M400 Metres HurdlesHeats
10:38WHammer ThrowQualification - Group B
11:15M200 MetresHeats

Day 3 - Aug 3 Afternoon Session

15:00WShot PutHeptathlon
15:05W400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
15:35M200 MetresSemi-Final
15:55WPole VaultFinal
16:05W100 MetresSemi-Final
16:17MHigh JumpQualification
16:30W200 MetresHeptathlon
16:55W400 MetresSemi-Final
17:16WDiscus ThrowFinal
17:25M400 MetresSemi-Final
17:55M1500 MetresFinal
18:10W800 MetresFinal
18:25M110m Hurdles (99.0cm)Final
18:35W100 MetresFinal

Day 4 - Aug 4 Morning Session

09:00MJavelin ThrowQualification - Group A
09:05W100 Metres HurdlesHeats
09:30WLong JumpHeptathlon
10:05M800 MetresHeats
10:10MJavelin ThrowQualification - Group B
11:00MTriple JumpQualification
11:05W1500 MetresHeats
11:24WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon - Group A
11:50W200 MetresHeats
12:30WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon - Group B

Day 4 - Aug 4 Afternoon Session

15:00W4x100 Metres RelayHeats
15:05MPole VaultFinal
15:25M4x100 Metres RelayHeats
15:50W800 MetresHeptathlon
16:12WHigh JumpQualification
16:15W200 MetresSemi-Final
16:40M400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
16:45MHammer Throw (6kg)Final
17:10W400 Metres HurdlesFinal
17:20W3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal
17:40W400 MetresFinal
17:50M400 MetresFinal
18:00M200 MetresFinal

Day 5 - Aug 5 Morning Session

08:30W10,000 Metres Race WalkFinal
09:25MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Qualification - Group A
09:30WTriple JumpQualification
09:35M10,000 Metres Race WalkFinal
10:35MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Qualification - Group B
10:40W4x400 Metres RelayHeats
11:15M4x400 Metres RelayHeats

Day 5 - Aug 5 Afternoon Session

15:00WLong JumpFinal
15:05W100 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
15:10MHigh JumpFinal
15:15WHammer ThrowFinal
15:50M800 MetresSemi-Final
16:20W200 MetresFinal
16:40M400 Metres HurdlesFinal
16:55MTriple JumpFinal
17:00M3000 MetresFinal
17:05MJavelin ThrowFinal
17:30W4x100 Metres RelayFinal
18:00M4x100 Metres RelayFinal

Day 6 - Aug 6 Afternoon Session

15:30MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Final
15:35WHigh JumpFinal
15:40W100 Metres HurdlesFinal
15:50WTriple JumpFinal
16:00W1500 MetresFinal
16:16M800 MetresFinal
16:25W5000 MetresFinal
17:00M3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal
17:20W4x400 Metres RelayFinal
17:43M4x400 Metres RelayFinal
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