Watch: Ethiopian runner celebrates too ealry and loses $75,000USD at Bahrain Half Marathon

Posted by: Watch Athletics

Ethiopia’s Jemal Yimer, Ethiopia’s half marathon record holder, made a huge mistake and lost $75,000 at the 2019 Bahrain Half Marathon on Friday.

In the final 200m of the race Jemal Yimer, the Ethiopian half-marathon record holder, was in a fierce battle for the win with compatriot Abadi Hadis, the World cross country bronze medalist from two years ago. About 50m before the finish line, both runners passed under an overhead structure decorated with balloons, which Yimer thought was the finish line.

Yimer crossed the gantry first and stopped and started to celebrate, but a few seconds later he realized that the real finish line was about 50 meters further. Yimer's mistake cost him the $75,000 prize as he finished second behind Abadi Hadis who claimed $100,000USD for the win. Yimer took home only $25,000.

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