IAAF Announces new Entry Standards and Qualification System for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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On Sunday in Doha at the IAAF councils meeting a new qualification system and new entry standards were approved for all the track and field events for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Under the new system, athletes can qualify for the next Olympic games in two ways.

Achieve the entry standard within the qualification period

The athletes can still qualify for the Olympics by achieving the qualifying standards, but the new marks are much harder than in the past. For example, marks were lowered from 10.16 to 10.05 and 11:32 to 11:15 in the men's and women's 100m dash. From 45.40 to 44.90 in the men's 400m; 2:19:00 to 2:11:30 and 2:45:00 to 2:29:00 in the men's and women's marathon event. Men will have to throw 85.00m while women will have to hit 64.00m marker in the javelin.

Qualify by virtue of his/her IAAF World Ranking position in the selected event at the end of the respective qualification period.

Last year the IAAF the introduced World Ranking System which should encourage top athletes to compete head to head in the important meets, such as Diamond League, World Challenge and other high profile meets.  The World Ranking System will be used to fill fields at the Olympics. 

"The process is designed to achieve about 50 percent of the target numbers for each event through entry standards and the remaining 50 percent through the IAAF world ranking system".  the IAAF wrote in a press release.

Read full IAAF press release here.

Entry Standards 2020 Tokyo Olympics

 Qualification Period: 

  • May 1st, 2019 to June 29th, 2020 most events
  • January 1st, 2019 to May 31st, 2020 for Marathon/50km race walk
  • January 1st, 2019 to June 29th, 2020 for 10,000m, 20km race walk, and combined events


100 10.05
200 20.24
400 44.90
800 1:45.20
1500 3:35.00
5k 13:13.50
10k 27:28.00
Marathon 2:11:30
3k steeple 8:22.00
110 hurdles 13.32
400 hurdles 48.90
HJ 2.33m
PV 5.80m
LJ 8.22m
TJ 17.14m
SP 21.10m
Discus 66.00m
Hammer 77.50m
Javelin 85.00m
Decathlon 8350 pts
20k race walk 1:21:00
50k race walk 3:50:00


100 11.15
200 22.80
400 51.35
800 1:59.50
1500 4:04.20
5k 15:10.00
10k 31:25.00
Marathon 2:29:30
3k steeple 9:30.00
100 hurdles 12.84
400 hurdles 55.40
HJ 1.96m
PV 4.70m
LJ 6.82m
TJ 14.32m
SP 18.50m
Discus 63.50m
Hammer 72.50m
Javelin 64.00m
Heptathlon 6420 pts
20k race walk 1:31:00
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