Athletics Sensation in Innsbruck’s Old Town

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Last  night’s  13th  International  Golden  Roof Challenge  played  out  before  the  Golden Roof in  Innsbruck, the  home  of  the  Golden  Fly  Series.  

A  highlight  in  the  athletics  season, this  elite  in-city  event inspired thousands  of fans in  the inner  city. 

The  gods looked  kindly  on  the  competitors  and  after an intense downpour  shortly  before  the  warm-up, the  weather  cleared  and  there  was  nothing  to  prevent  the competitions going  ahead.   Unfortunately,  a  warm-up  collision  meant  that  two athletes  -  Rebeca Silhanove  (CZE)  and  Olympic finalist  Michal  Balner  (CZE)  –  were  bruised  and  had  to  withdraw, reducing  the  pole  vault  field  from the very  beginning. Gladly  this did  not  detract  from  the  gripping  battle  for  the coveted  Golden Dachshindel. Young  Czech,  Amálie  Švábíková  won  the  women's pole  vault  with  4.25  m, failing  in her  attempt  to break  a new  Czech  U19  record. The  second  place  went  to  World  Cup  finalist  Minna Nikkanen  (FIN) with 4.05  m.  Belgium’s Chloe  Henry  (BEL)  was  unlucky  and  did  not  manage  to  clear and  went  out gracefully  with her  endearing  smile.   

The  men's pole  vault  competition  should  have  been  a  one-man  show  by  world  No. 1  Piotr  Lisek  (POL), but  he  did  not  find  the  right  timing  and  failed  three  times  at  his  start  height  of  5.40  m.  British record holder,  Luke  Cutts,  coming  back  from  a  broken  shoulder,  won  the  competition  with 5.40  m, followed by  Ivan  Horvath (CRO)  also  with 5.40  m. 

The  men's long  jump  gave  first-class results,  with  the  magical  8  meter  mark  achieved  twice. Paralympic  world  record  holder  Markus  Rehm  (GER)  won  with an  excellent  8.13  m,  missing  his  own meeting  record  by  just  5  cm.  Czech  record  holder  Radek  Juska  was  second  marking  8.00  m.  Third place went to  World  Junior  Champion  Miltiadis Tentoglu  (GRE). 

In  the  women's  event, double European champion  Darya  Klishina (ANA) was able  to  jump  a  winning  6.46  m  ahead  of Ukraine’s Krystyna Hryshutyna  with  6.31  m.  Austria's  world  U20  champion  in  heptathlon,  Sarah  Lagger,  was happy  with  third  place,  jumping  6.13  m. The  entire  event  was  streamed  live  to  the  IOC’s  Olympic Channel  where  the  action  can  be  accessed for  the  next  three  weeks:  

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