Oxford Bannister Miles 2024 - Live Stream

Mon, May 06, 2024 at 12:30 (GMT)
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Live stream details, results, entry lists, and event schedule for the 2024 Oxford Bannister Miles:


The live stream of the 2024 Oxford Bannister Miles will be available on YouTube on Monday, May 6 starting from 12:30 (GMT).

Meet Schedule:

13:40Men's Mile K Race
13:50Men's Mile J Race
13:58Men's Mile I Race
14:06Men's Mile H Race
14:14Men's Mile G Race
14:22Men's Mile F Race
14:30Men's Mile E Race
14:38Men's Mile D Race
14:46Visually Impaired Race
15:01Men's Mile O Race (U13)
15:09Women's Mile F Race (U13)
15:17Men's Mile N Race (U15)
15:25Women's Mile E Race (U15)
15:33Men's Mile M Race (U17B)
15:41Women's Mile D Race (U17)
15:49Men's Mile L Race (U17A)
16:04Women's Mile C Race
16:12Men's Mile C Race
16:40Women's Steeple Mile
17:00Men's Steeple Mile
17:15Mixed Para 1500m
17:24Women's Mile B Race
17:32Men's Mile B Race
17:45Women's Mile A Race
18:00Men's Mile A Race
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