Victor Lopez Classic 2024

Fri, March 22, 2024

Results, entry lists, schedule and meet info for the The 41st Victor Lopez Classic:

The 41st Victor Lopez Classic is scheduled to take place from March 21st to March 23rd, 2024, at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The event features both collegiate and high school athletes, with the events.

Fans can follow the event live on the Rice TF & XC social networks Twitter and live results page here.



FlightsBoys Long Jump (High School)Thu 5:00 PM
FlightsGirls Long Jump (High School)Thu 5:00 PM
FlightsBoys Shot Put (High School)Thu 5:00 PM
FlightsGirls Discus Throw (High School)Thu 5:00 PM
FlightsGirls Pole Vault (High School)Thu 5:00 PM
FlightsBoys High Jump (High School)Thu 5:00 PM
HeatsBoys 4x200 (High School)Thu 5:00 PM
HeatsGirls 4x200 (High School)Thu 5:15 PM
HeatsBoys 800m (High School) - PrelimsThu 5:30 PM
HeatsGirls 800m (High School) - PrelimsThu 6:00 PM
HeatsBoys 110m Hurdles (High School) - PrelimsThu 6:25 PM
HeatsGirls 100m Hurdles (High School) - PrelimsThu 6:45 PM
HeatsBoys 400m (High School) - PrelimsThu 7:10 PM
HeatsGirls 400m (High School) - PrelimsThu 7:40 PM
HeatsBoys 3000m (High School)Thu 8:10 PM
HeatsGirls 3000m (High School)Thu 8:40 PM
HeatsBoys 2000m Steeple (High School)Thu 9:10 PM
HeatsGirls 2000m Steeple (High School)Thu 9:20 PM


FlightsMen Hammer Throw (Collegiate)Fri 9:30 AM
FlightsWomen Hammer Throw (Collegiate)Fri 11:30 AM
FlightsGirls Shot Put (High School)Fri 2:30 PM
FlightsBoys Discus Throw (High School)Fri 2:30 PM
FlightsGirls High Jump (High School)Fri 3:00 PM
FlightsBoys Pole Vault (High School)Fri 3:00 PM
FlightsBoys Triple Jump (High School)Fri 3:00 PM
FlightsGirls Triple Jump (High School)Fri 3:15 PM
HeatsBoys 4x100 (High School) - PrelimsFri 2:30 PM
HeatsGirls 4x100 (High School) - PrelimsFri 2:40 PM
HeatsBoys 4x800 (High School)Fri 2:55 PM
HeatsGirls 4x800 (High School)Fri 3:05 PM
HeatsBoys 100m (High School) - PrelimsFri 3:20 PM
HeatsGirls 100m (High School) - PrelimsFri 3:45 PM
HeatsBoys 300m Hurdles (High School) - PrelimsFri 4:15 PM
HeatsGirls 300m Hurdles (High School) - PrelimsFri 4:35 PM
HeatsBoys 200m (High School) - PrelimsFri 5:00 PM
HeatsGirls 200m (High School) - PrelimsFri 5:25 PM
HeatsBoys 1500m (High School)Fri 5:55 PM
HeatsGirls 1500m (High School)Fri 6:20 PM
HeatsBoys 4x400 (High School) - PrelimsFri 6:50 PM
HeatsGirls 4x400 (High School) - PrelimsFri 7:10 PM
HeatsMen 1500m (Collegiate)Fri 7:35 PM
HeatsWomen 1500m (Collegiate)Fri 7:50 PM
HeatsMen 3000m Steeple (Collegiate)Fri 8:15 PM
HeatsWomen 3000m Steeple (Collegiate)Fri 8:30 PM
HeatsMen 5000m (Collegiate)Fri 8:50 PM
HeatsWomen 5000m (Collegiate)Fri 9:10 PM
HeatsMen 10000m (Collegiate)Fri 9:35 PM
HeatsWomen 10000m (Collegiate)Fri 10:05 PM


FlightsMen Shot Put (Collegiate)Sat 11:00 AM
FlightsWomen Discus Throw (Collegiate)Sat 11:00 AM
FlightsMen Long Jump (Collegiate)Sat 11:00 AM
FlightsWomen Long Jump (Collegiate)Sat 11:00 AM
FlightsWomen Javelin Throw (Collegiate)Sat 12:00 PM
FlightsWomen Pole Vault (Collegiate)Sat 1:30 PM
FlightsMen High Jump (Collegiate)Sat 2:00 PM
FlightsMen Discus Throw (Collegiate)Sat 2:30 PM
FlightsWomen Shot Put (Collegiate)Sat 2:30 PM
FlightsMen Triple Jump (Collegiate)Sat 3:00 PM
FlightsWomen Triple Jump (Collegiate)Sat 3:00 PM
FlightsMen Javelin Throw (Collegiate)Sat 4:30 PM
FlightsWomen High Jump (Collegiate)Sat 5:30 PM
FlightsMen Pole Vault (Collegiate)Sat 5:30 PM
HeatsMen 110m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 1:00 PM
HeatsWomen 100m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 1:15 PM
HeatsMen 400m (Collegiate)Sat 1:30 PM
HeatsWomen 400m (Collegiate)Sat 1:40 PM
HeatsMen 100m (Collegiate)Sat 1:50 PM
HeatsWomen 100m (Collegiate)Sat 2:05 PM
HeatsMen 800m (Collegiate)Sat 2:20 PM
HeatsWomen 800m (Collegiate)Sat 2:30 PM
HeatsMen 200m (Collegiate)Sat 2:50 PM
HeatsWomen 200m (Collegiate)Sat 3:10 PM
HeatsBoys 4x100 (High School) - FinalsSat 5:30 PM
HeatsGirls 4x100 (High School) - FinalsSat 5:35 PM
HeatsMen 4x100 (Collegiate)Sat 5:40 PM
HeatsWomen 4x100 (Collegiate)Sat 5:40 PM
HeatsBoys 800m (High School) - FinalsSat 5:50 PM
HeatsGirls 800m (High School) - FinalsSat 5:55 PM
HeatsMen 800m (Collegiate)Sat 6:00 PM
HeatsWomen 800m (Collegiate)Sat 6:05 PM
HeatsGirls 100m Hurdles (High School) - FinalsSat 6:10 PM
HeatsWomen 100m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 6:15 PM
HeatsBoys 110m Hurdles (High School) - FinalsSat 6:20 PM
HeatsMen 110m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 6:25 PM
HeatsBoys 100m (High School) - FinalsSat 6:30 PM
HeatsGirls 100m (High School) - FinalsSat 6:35 PM
HeatsMen 100m (Collegiate)Sat 6:40 PM
HeatsWomen 100m (Collegiate)Sat 6:45 PM
HeatsBoys 400m (High School) - FinalsSat 6:50 PM
HeatsGirls 400m (High School) - FinalsSat 6:55 PM
HeatsMen 400m (Collegiate)Sat 7:00 PM
HeatsWomen 400m (Collegiate)Sat 7:05 PM
HeatsGirls 300m Hurdles (High School) - FinalsSat 7:10 PM
HeatsBoys 300m Hurdles (High School) - FinalsSat 7:15 PM
HeatsMen 400m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 7:20 PM
EntriesMen 400m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 7:20 PM
HeatsWomen 400m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 7:25 PM
EntriesWomen 400m Hurdles (Collegiate)Sat 7:25 PM
HeatsBoys 200m (High School) - FinalsSat 7:30 PM
HeatsGirls 200m (High School) - FinalsSat 7:32 PM
HeatsMen 200m (Collegiate)Sat 7:35 PM
HeatsWomen 200m (Collegiate)Sat 7:37 PM
HeatsBoys 1500m (High School)Sat 7:40 PM
HeatsGirls 1500m (High School)Sat 7:47 PM
HeatsMen 1500m (Collegiate)Sat 7:55 PM
HeatsWomen 1500m (Collegiate)Sat 8:02 PM
HeatsMen 4x400 (Collegiate)Sat 8:10 PM
HeatsWomen 4x400 (Collegiate)Sat 8:15 PM
HeatsBoys 4x400 (High School) - FinalsSat 8:20 PM
HeatsGirls 4x400 (High School) - FinalsSat 8:25 PM
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