Wisconsin Windy City Invitational 2024

Sat, February 10, 2024

Results, entries, and meet program for the Wisconsin Windy City Invitational:

This weekend, the Wisconsin men's track & field team is set to host the Windy City Invite in Chicago. The team will feature a selected group of sprinters, hurdlers, distance runners, and throwers to compete against participants from Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Rutgers, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame, among other institutions. The competition is scheduled to commence at 2:00 p.m. CT on Friday and will continue from 11:30 a.m. on Saturday.



1:00pm Long Jump Women/Men
1:00pm Pole Vault Men
2:30pm Weight Throw Men
4:30pm Weight Throw Women
4:30pm Pole Vault Women
5:45pm Long Jump Invite Women/Men


1:30pm 60H Qualifying Rd Women
1:40pm 60H Qualifying Rd Men
2:20pm 5000m Section 2 Men
2:40pm 60m Qualifying Rd Women
2:50pm 60m Qualifying Rd Men
3:00pm 400m Sections 4 - 10 Women
3:15pm 400m Sections 4 - 10 Men
3:30pm 60m Preliminary Rd Women
3:40pm 60m Preliminary Rd Men
4:00pm 5000m Invite Women
4:20pm 3000m Invite Women
4:35pm 5000m Invite Men
Championship Section
5:30pm National Anthem & Head Coach Introductions
5:50pm Mondo USA 400m Invite Women
6:05pm Elzie Higginbottom 400m Invite Men
6:20pm 800m Invite Women
6:30pm 800m Invite Men
6:40pm 60m Finals Women
6:50pm 60m Finals Men
7:00pm The Gold Coast Mile Invite Women
7:10pm The Magnificent Mile Invite Men



11:30am Pole Vault Invite Women
11:30am High Jump Men/Women
12:00pm Shot Put Men
2:00pm Shot Put Women
2:00pm Triple Jump Women followed by Men
2:00pm Pole Vault Invite Men


12:00pm 200m Sections 4 -10 Women
12:20pm 200m Sections 4 -10 Men
12:40pm 3000m Section 2 -3 Men
1:05pm 60m H Preliminary Rd Women
1:15pm 60m H Preliminary Rd Men
1:30pm National Anthem
1:40pm 200m Invite - 3 Sections Men
1:50pm 200m Invite - 3 Sections Women
2:00pm 1 Mile Section 2 - 3 Women
2:15pm 1 Mile Section 2 -3 Men
2:30pm 60m Hurdle Finals Men
2:35pm 60m Hurdle Finals Women
2:40pm 800m Section 2 - 4 Women
2:55pm 800m Section 2 - 4 Men
3:05pm 3000m Section 2 -3 Women
3:30pm 3000m Invite Men
3:45pm 4 x 400m Relay Women
4:00pm 4 x 400m Relay Men

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