Univers Perche Elite Tour Dévoluy 2024 - Live Stream

Sat, January 13, 2024 at 16:00 (GMT)
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Live stream, results, entries and event schedule for the Univers Perche Elite Tour  in Dévoluy:

The Univers Perche Elite Tour 2024 is a series of international pole vaulting competitions held in different cities around France. One of the stages of this tour will take place in Dévoluy, France on January 13. The competition will be held at the Centre Sportif du Dévoluy in Superdévoluy, and it's expected to attract around 100 athletes, including some of the biggest names in the sport. This event is part of the larger World Athletics Indoor Tour Challenger series.


The Univers Perche Elite Tour will be available for live streaming on the Athletv.fr website this Saturday. Coverage will begin with a pre-meeting segment starting at 10:55 AM local time (GMT +1), followed by the live broadcast of the main international event commencing at 2:55 PM local time. To access the live stream on Athlefr TV, viewers will need to have a subscription.


09:00(D) Men and WomenFinale B
09:00(D) Men and WomenFinale A
12:00(C) MenFinale
12:00(C) Men and WomenFinale
15:00(B) MenFinale
15:00(B) WomenFinale
19:00Main MenFinale
19:00Main WomenFinale
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