Nordic Indoor Match Nordenkampen 2024 - Live Stream

Sun, February 11, 2024 at 11:50 (GMT)
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Live stream details, results, entries and meet program for the Nordic Indoor Match - Nordenkampen:

The 2024 Nordic Indoor Match, part of the World Athletics Indoor Tour as a Challenger event, is scheduled for Sunday, February 11th, at 14:00 (GMT). This exciting athletic competition will take place in Bærum Idrettspark, featuring athletes from Nordic countries. The event is a significant occasion in the indoor athletics calendar, showcasing top talent from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.


The meeting will be broadcast live on NRK channel in Norway, and in Sweden on SVT1 & SVT Play.

If you're experiencing difficulties accessing the live stream from your current location, consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. By connecting to a server in Norway through a VPN, you may be able to bypass regional restrictions and access the live stream. One option for a VPN service is Pure VPN.


11:15Pole VaultW
11:15Shot PutM
11:20Triple JumpM
12:27Shot PutW
12:35Triple JumpW
13:0560 m HurdlesW
13:1560 m HurdlesM
13:20High JumpM
13:2560 mW
13:3560 mM
13:50800 mM
14:00Long JumpW
14:03800 mW
14:10Pole VaultM
14:20400 m heat 1W
14:27400 m heat 2W
14:35400 m heat 1M
14:42400 m heat 2M
14:553000 mW
15:00High JumpW
15:153000 mM
15:30Long JumpM
15:40200 m heat 1W
15:45200 m heat 2W
15:55200 m heat 1M
16:00200 m heat 2M
16:151500 mW
16:301500 mM
16:40Price CeremonyW&M
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